Best Document and PDF Scanner App to Replace Chinese Scanners

It’s not a secret anymore that Chinese apps hinder the privacy and security of their users’ devices and data. If you use Chinese apps, then your data is more prone to risk than the people who don’t use Chinese apps. From a web browser UC Browser to a document scanner app like CamScanner, global cybersecurity experts have convicted almost every Chinese app for some malicious activity with their user data. Currently, people across the globe are trying not to use any Chinese apps. People are looking for alternatives for apps such as Tik Tok, UC Browser, WeChat, etc.

But it seems that people are ignoring one of the most data-sensitive app and, i.e., document or we can say, PDF scanner apps. These apps can affect you the worst as they deal with your most private data. You use them to scan your important papers such as bank statements, driving licenses, certificates, etc. It can be a huge trouble for you if any of these documents get leaked or accessible by others. Hence, you have to be cautious about the scanner you are using. In this write-up, we are going to present you with one of the best PDF scanner app that can serve you as the best alternative to Chinese scanners. Before that, we are going to check some more reasons for avoiding Chinese apps.

Reasons To Avoid Chinese Scanner Apps

Here we have mentioned the reason because of which you should avoid using Chinese Apps on your smartphones and other devices.

  • Privacy

The major concern with the Chinese apps are their privacy policies. According to Chinese law, every organization in China has to share all the gathered data and information with the Chinese government. Hence, Chinese apps and software provide all the data that they record from you and your device to their government. According to this, it means that all your contacts, your photos, etc. that you have shared with these apps have ultimately shared with the Chinese government by these apps. Now, after knowing this, you may think twice before granting permission to any Chinese app.

  • Security

Security experts have regularly observed various serious security threats in multiple famous Chinese apps. Experts have denounced even some of the popular apps such as Tik Tok and UC Browser for user data theft and various other security claims. One such common and widely used Chinese document scanner app is CamScanner, which was alleged for having a Trojan Horse module. Hence, security is always a concern while using any Chinese app. And that’s the reason why most of the experts advise to avoid such apps.

  • Inappropriate Content

Apps like Tik Tok, Likee, etc. offer a bunch of inappropriate content. We do not say that only these apps feature inappropriate content. Various other apps also have some inappropriate content. Even YouTube features some inappropriate videos. But YouTube and many other such apps have an age-restriction filter that can help to keep that content away from the minors. However, on Tik Tok, Likee, and other such Chinese apps, anyone can access any type of content. Hence, tech experts do not consider these apps safe for your child and other minors as well.

  • Spying On Users

Security agencies have even considered some of the Chinese apps as spyware. They accused these apps for spying on their users. Apps like Viva Video was considered as a spyware by many governments in 2017. It also got blocked in the same year in many countries. Along with VivaVideo, many Chinese apps have been accused of spying on their users over time.

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FlashScan – PDF Scanner, Scan Document: Best Alternative for Chinese Document Scanner App

Now, as we have discussed the reasons to avoid Chinese apps, let’s discuss one of the best document scanner app for Android. It is none other than FlashScan, a recently launched one of the best Chinese Scanners alternatives.

A few years ago, one of the most popular Chinese document scanning app CamScanner was exposed by the security experts for having a Trojan Horse malware in the app. Because of which the app also got removed from the play store. But after some time, the developers claimed that they have removed the malware from the program and relaunched the app on the Play Store. However, it is still risky to use CamScanner or any other document scanner app from Chinese software organizations. At the same time, there are n number of Chinese apps available on the Play Store. So, it gets more difficult to choose a safe scanning option for your Android device.

But don’t worry, we have brought a trustworthy solution to your problem. You can rely on FlashScan to scan your documents to PDF files. It offers everything you need in a scanner app without even compromising with the security and privacy norms.

Features of FlashScan

FlashScan is the best alternative to Chinese Scanners. Here are some of the salient features of this document scanning app.

  • Along with scanning and saving the digital copy of your documents, FlashScan allows you to mark some special documents. It helps you to find them easily whenever you require them.
  • This best document scanner app also enables you to crop the scanned image documents. So, you do not need to use any other app to make your scanned documents perfect.
  • FlashScan also helps you to select an image of a document from the gallery. This feature helps you to scan the documents you have already clicked a picture of.
  • Along with all these scanning features, the app scanner app also provides you with multiple filters that you can apply to your scanned documents. For example, if you want to make your document black and white, you can do it with FlashScan.
  • The app lets you save your documents in PDF format on your smartphone.
  • This one of the best document scanning app for Android also allows you to share the documents with others.
  • It comes with a document manager. Hence, you can easily organize your documents after scanning with FlashScan.
  • The scanner app also features optical character recognition (OCR).
  • One can even scan and decode the QR and barcodes using this best Android document scanner app.

With FlashScan, you just need to click, scan, and save the document that you want to scan. Here is the link to get the application on your Android smartphone.

Scanner App Download


So, here we would like to end our write-up. Before that, we would like to conclude that you must avoid the Chinese apps as much as you can. We recommend you to avoid apps like CamScanner that comes with malware. Instead of that, you can use one of the best document scanner app, i.e., FlashScan, for all your document and barcode scanning requirements.

So, what’s your take on avoiding Chinese apps. Let us know.

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