7 Best Duplicate Cleaner Pro Alternatives of 2023

When looking for ways to remove duplicates from the PC, did you come across Duplicate Cleaner Pro? It’s a very well-known program, but it has some major drawbacks. Continue reading to discover the best software programs that are better alternatives to Duplicate Cleaner Pro.

If you check out your computer and analyze its current state. Your once lightning-quick PC is now sluggish and full of errors. The cause of this subpar performance is not difficult to deduce. Yes, you guessed it right. Duplicate files and images are the problem.

So, are you considering purchasing the well-known program Duplicate Cleaner Pro? Wait before making that move. Not every well-known program is ideal for your needs. There can be better options than this. In order to better meet your needs, we are here with the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives.

Now that you’re thinking about it, you might be wondering if Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a good option for removing duplicate files. Well, it is unquestionably a good program. However, it also has some inevitable flaws because nothing on earth is absolutely perfect. Due to these drawbacks, we had to find Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives. Let’s go through them.

Intolerable cons of Duplicate Cleaner Pro

  • You cannot pause the scan.
  • Complicated interface.
  • Large folders scan is very slow.
  • Annoying glitches may come up while using it.

Are these cons tolerable? If you also think they are unbearable, then jump to the next section, where we share the deserving replacements for Duplicate Cleaner Pro.

Top 7 Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives for Windows 10/8/7

Below are the Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives and similar software programs you can use to replace it in 2023.

1. Quick Photo Finder

Quickest alternative to Duplicate Cleaner Pro with external device support

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7

Price: $39.96

Free Version: Available

You can guess the specialty of Quick Photo Finder from its name itself. It scans your computer at a blazingly fast speed. The scans are fast but thorough at the same time. Not a single duplicate or similar image can escape from its intelligent algorithm. And the cherry on top of the cake is that you can also use it to free up space on external storage devices like pen drives and more. Apart from this, below is what else brought it to our list of the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives.

Highlighting features of Quick Photo Finder

  • Group-based classification of similar/duplicate photos, so you can review and delete them easily.
  • Automark feature for detected duplicates to facilitate quick removal.
  • A wide variety of filters to customize the scan.
  • All-time available customer support.
  • Many video tutorials help you get rid of identical/nearly identical images effortlessly.
  • The interface is easy enough to use.
  • It employs highly advanced duplicate detection algorithms.
  • Boasts support for external storage devices as well.
  • This software frees up quite a lot of disk space.
  • There is an option to drag and drop the folders to the scan window.

Quick Photo Finder
Download Now

2. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Software like Duplicate Cleaner Pro with the removal of edited pictures

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/8/Windows 10

Price: Free

Detection and removal of resized/edited/images with corrected colors are the most attractive features of this software. It is something that is not found in other similar programs. However, it is not the only reason why we call this software one of the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives. It also boasts other interesting characteristics, such as displaying the similarity percentage between the images, etc. Below we talk about all its stunning features.

Commendable features of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

  • You can exclude the image formats that you do not want to be scanned or deleted.
  • It shows you how similar the detected duplicates are in the form of similarity percentages.
  • Instead of adding the folders manually to the scan pane, you can drag and drop them.
  • The software is portable, you can take it anywhere using a flash drive.
  • It allows you to move images to other locations instead of deleting them.
  • You can select the minimum image size for the scan.
  • This software lets you scan USB flash drives and network drives for duplicates.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

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3. Easy Duplicate Finder (EDF)

One of the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives with a wizard tool

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP/macOS

Price: $59.95-$269.95

Free Version: Available  If along with duplicate photos, you also wish to remove other identical files such as music, then EDF is among the best alternatives to Duplicate Cleaner Pro for you. The most fascinating feature of this software is the friendly wizard tool that makes freeing up the storage space an easy-peasy task. In addition to this, it also hosts other useful functions like undo option to recover accidentally deleted duplicates. Below are all the features of this software that you need to know.

Core features of Easy Duplicate Finder

  • There are over ten modes to scan for duplicates like Byte-by-Byte Comparison, Google Drive Scan, and SHA 256 Checksum + File Size, among others.
  • You can rename the duplicate files, move, or export them to another place.
  • It boasts support for cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • File exclusion is available to keep your private files out of the scan process.
  • Before deleting, removing, moving, or exporting the duplicates, you can preview them.
  • You can also use this software to keep your mailbox free from duplicate emails.
  • Like almost every other program similar to Duplicate Cleaner Pro, it also boasts a drag-and-drop tool.
  • It shows how much space a duplicate occupies on your PC.

Easy Duplicate Finder (EDF)

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4. VisiPics

An intelligent Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternative with five image comparison filters

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, & 2000

Price: Free

Accuracy is the top quality of this software which makes it worth including in the list of the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives. It boasts five picture comparison filters to give you the most precise scan results. Apart from this, if any crucial work comes up in the middle of the deduplication session, then you can stop/pause the scan and save your settings. Moreover, below is what else we think you will like in this software.

Commendable features of VisiPics

  • It finds duplicate photos with different formats or names.
  • This software also detects similar images with small edits.
  • You get three scan modes, namely Strict, Basic, and Lose for image comparison.
  • It allows you to auto-select photos for easy deduplication.
  • VisiPics starts displaying the results as soon as you launch the scan.
  • It lets you be in charge of the scan process.
  • This software supports almost every popular image format.
  • There are many tutorials available to help you remove duplicates.


Download Now

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5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Microsoft-backed alternative to Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, & 7

Price: Free

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is backed by the tech biggie Microsoft. But it is not the only good thing that brought it to our attention. It also encompasses many useful options like the restoration of deleted pictures and more. Below we share all its fascinating features, so you can decide whether it is a usable program like Duplicate Cleaner Pro or not.

Notable features of Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

  • You can mention the file types you wish to scan.
  • It gets regular software updates, so you face no errors while using it.
  • You are in charge of deciding whether to keep or delete the duplicates.
  • It uses the name and content-based algorithms to find duplicate files.
  • This software lets you ignore the files above or below a particular size.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Download Now

6. CloneSpy

Software similar to Duplicate Cleaner Pro with the ability to find zero-byte files

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Price: Free

Certain files do not have any content in them. These are called zero-byte files. They eat the PC space unnecessarily. But with CloneSpy, you can find and remove them effortlessly. Moreover, other qualities of this program for which it bags this position in our post sharing the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives include multiple search modes and more. Let’s quickly glance at all its features.

Noteworthy features of CloneSpy

  • You can move the files, transfer them to some other place, or delete them.
  • There is a guide that shows you how to remove the duplicates.
  • You can exclude the extensions that you do not find necessary to scan.
  • It identifies old and outdated file versions existing on the PC.
  • As said earlier, it boasts many search modes to find even zero-byte files.


Download Now

7. Best Duplicate Photo Finder

One of the best programs Duplicate Cleaner Pro with one-click removal

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7

Price: $49.95

Free Version: Available

A single click and all duplicates or almost duplicates are gone for good. Can anything be better than this? In our view, no. But the one-click duplicate fix is not the only thing that makes this software one of the worth considering Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives. It boasts several other outstanding features as well. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Laudable features of Best Duplicate Photo Finder

  • Availability of image preview, so you do not end up deleting any crucial picture.
  • Grouping of results into neatly organized groups to let you decide which photos to remove easily.
  • Automarks duplicate or similar pictures for easy and quick deletion.
  • Its smart algorithms find even the most deeply hidden identical or almost identical photos.
  • This software improves the storage space significantly.
  • You can customize the scan using multiple filters.

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Final thoughts on the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives

So, these are the best Duplicate Cleaner Pro alternatives that we think deserve a spotlight. Do you want to know which of these programs is our personal favorite? The answer is Quick Photo Finder because using this program makes deleting duplicates and nearly identical photos incredibly quick and easy. If you specifically want to get rid of duplicate photos, you can select it as well. And we now hope that our blog has established itself as your go-to resource for tech advice and software recommendations. If so, then subscribe to our blogs.

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