9 Best Song & Music Finder apps (iOS/Android)

In today’s digital age, where music is readily available at our fingertips, the search for new songs and discovering hidden musical gems has become a delightful journey. With an overwhelming amount of music available across various platforms, finding the perfect song or identifying a tune that caught your ear can sometimes be a daunting task.

Thankfully, there are numerous music and song finder apps available for both iOS and Android devices that can simplify this process, helping you explore and expand your musical horizons. In this blog, we will delve into some of the best music finder apps, providing you with a comprehensive guide to enhance your melodic exploration. So, let’s begin with it!

Find Songs by Lyrics with Best Song & Music Finders Apps

Here are a few of the best song detector apps that you may use in order to find the song by lyrics easily and accurately on your iOS or Android device.

1. Shazam – Best Song Detector

The Shazam song finder app can easily and quickly recognize your song and melody. With the help of Shazam, you can easily find your desired music, listen to it, and acquire all relevant information such as lyrics, videos, and the artist’s profile.

You can either add the music to your playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, or Google Play Music or listen to it on this amazing music finder by sound. Moreover, you can view music videos from Apple Music and YouTube using Shazam.

One of Shazam’s best features is the Pop-Up function. You can use it to locate music on any app, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Additionally, even when the program is not being used, you may utilize it offline and in the background to keep recognizing songs.

Furthermore, the app will also alert you to the current music scene in your country and city, suggest playlists based on your preferences, and allow you to share songs on social media. Shazam Download for Android

Download for iOS

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2. MusixMatch – Top Similar Song Finder

This is yet another well-known and best music finder app with a huge song library that lets you find the song by audio. Musixmatch provides lyrics syncing with YouTube, Spotify, Play Music, Pandora, and others.

Furthermore, users can choose to receive real-time translations of non-English song lyrics so they can easily understand what the singers are singing about. Additionally, Musixmatch provides a floating lyrics widget that instantly displays the song’s lyrics while it is playing in the background.

Also, the LyricsCard feature in the song discovery app lets you share your favorite lyrics and provides stunning backgrounds for them. Users can select to be notified when new lyrics by a certain artist they like are made accessible. The songs you’ve mentioned are all included in a specialized playlist. MusixMatch Download for Android

Download for iOS

3. SoundHound – Quick Song Finder by Tune

For iOS and Android smartphones, SoundHound is a free song finder and music finder software with strong audio and speech recognition capabilities.

The SoundHound software gives accurate results while listening to the recorded song, and users can find similar songs by humming or singing them. The SoundHound software is incredibly user-friendly, has a simple interface, and is quick to identify new songs and lyrics. Users of the SoundHound app simply need to open the application, hit the large orange button, and the program will listen to the region and identify any songs that are playing.

Additionally, the software allows you to type in a section of song lyrics, and it will search its enormous database for matches. SoundHound is a well-liked option for finding music and lyrics because it is free, and has numerous search options and song identification capabilities. SoundHound Download for Android

Download for iOS

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4. Genius – Easy Music Finder by Sound

Genius is the best song finder by voice app for Android that focuses more on finding lyrics. Its database, which is fully crowdsourced, has the lyrics of approximately 1.7 million songs. In addition to lyrics, the database contains accurate information about the origins of the music.

With the help of Genius, you may easily find a song by partial lyrics for free. The app is indeed easy to use. Simply launch the app, tap the soundwave button, and place your phone close to the music source. In a matter of seconds, you will receive the song’s lyrics and other details. The software gives you the option to download the song’s lyrics so you can read them when you’re offline. This similar song finder program also includes a huge video library. Genius Download for Android

Download for iOS

5. BeatFind – Best Guitar Chord Identifier

This is a smart and best song finder app that includes a few visual features that can improve your musical enjoyment. The app’s enormous lightning button is the actual headliner. Because it not only recognizes tracks but also can flash strobe lights in time with the tunes playing around you.

It’s great to see a music finder by sound taking extra steps to provide a unique experience because the majority of applications only give lyrics syncing. Beatfind uses ACRCloud, which offers an excellent track library, to power its music recognition algorithm. Once you find the song by lyrics, it is simple to listen to the official version on Spotify, or YouTube. BeatFind Download for Android

6. MusicID – Similar Song Finder

MusicID is one of the best song finder from video and lyrics. It only takes one tap on the microphone button in the application to begin the quick identification of music. When a song is found, the app will show you all of its information, along with YouTube videos and similar songs.

You may share music details with friends and buy the song directly from the app via iTunes or Amazon. Its user interface is clutter-free and offers exactly the right number of options. Neither too few, nor too many. MusicID supports in-app song plays and music from various parts of the world. Also, it allows manual editing of the album art’s associated data. MusicID Download for iOS

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7. Soly – Efficient Song Detector

Another best music finder and song finder app that can also generate lyrics is called Soly. Additionally, it features a built-in music player that enables you to listen to songs that are on your device.

The app’s user interface is simple and vibrant in order to find the song by lyrics. The option to “Identify” the song is located in the app’s center as soon as you launch it. When you tap that, Soly will make a connection to ACRCloud’s database to obtain the information for you.

Soly will find a song by partial lyrics for free. Also, it will offer you the choice to either play it on YouTube or share it using other third-party apps. Other options include a lyrics finder, a lyrics generator, and more. Soly Download for Android

8. Song Finder – Music Identifier

Song Finder, which is only available for iOS, is the best song finder app that recognizes music right away. It allows you to add songs to your playlist directly from the app thanks to connectivity with Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Additionally, it enables you to look up the song and artist statistics and find new music.

Moreover, it offers translations of music into more than 50 other languages. Also, on the app, you may find a chart of popular songs in your country. 

You may also utilize the app offline when there is no internet connection. Additionally, it can determine the music’s genre in no time. This best song finder app is free to download and use.

song identifier

Download for iOS

9. Musera

Musera is a popular social networking platform for music fans with unique features to identify your favorite songs. Also, to get new song previews, share music ratings, and interact with other music lovers.

Moreover, it has a freemium business model. It gives users the option to use the application for free or subscribe to a premium package to have access to more features.

Users that use Musera have an easy-to-use, effective choice for maintaining their music lists and finding amazing new music. Also, this best song finder app is available on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

By identifying any new music that is playing and using the song recognition features, Musera makes creating the perfect playlist simpler.

Moreover, Users can choose which new music to keep or remove from the list once the software adds all the identified music to a default playlist. Also, users can add any of these songs to a different playlist.

Furthermore, Musera offers complete song data in addition to assisting users in identifying unknown or new tunes. These include the song’s title, the artist’s name, the album, and the album cover. Also, users of Musera can connect with or access the playlists of others. Hence, it is one of the best music finder apps.


Download for Android

Wrapping-Up: Best Song & Music Finder apps (iOS/Android) to Find  Song by Lyrics

In a world filled with an endless array of music, finding the perfect song is an exciting yet overwhelming task. Fortunately, there are many best song and music finder apps for iOS and Android. They offer a wide range of features and capabilities to simplify this process.

Whether you’re seeking to identify a catchy tune or explore lyrics and the song’s meaning, the aforementioned song finder apps will help you. Lastly, we hope you found our article helpful. Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.

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