10 Best Twitch Extensions for Viewers in 2023

Twitch has developed into a hub for esports competitions, creative content, and live streaming of video games. It has always been a popular spot for both players and watchers, and its community has expanded significantly.

Since Twitch.tv emerged in popularity as a leading streaming service for video games, members of the community have been brainstorming ways to enhance the overall user experience for both viewers and broadcasters. This is where the role of Twitch Extensions comes into the picture.

Extensions are excellent tools for streamers to interact with their audience. By enabling viewers to communicate with streamers and take part in games, stream extensions for Twitch have significantly improved the user experience.

There are numerous extensions available in the market to enhance your streaming experience. However, choosing the right ones can be tricky. Hence, to assist you in choosing the extensions that would work best for you and your community, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Twitch emote extensions. Continue reading!

List of 10 Best Twitch Extensions for Viewers

A well-researched list of the best add-ons for Twitch is given below. Carefully go through each extension and its uses to make the best decision.

1. Sound Alerts

Due to its numerous customization possibilities, Sound Alerts is one of the best Twitch extensions. It is without a doubt one of the most important add-ons you may install on your stream.

Streamers can assign specific sounds to specific buttons on their streams, and viewers can submit bits to play certain sounds. This can lead to some really amusing moments since you can add your own audio samples. Furthermore, streamers keep 80% of the bits they get, with the remaining 20% passing to the extension developer.

Sound Alerts

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2. Crowd Control

With thousands of users and compatibility with more than eighty major games, Crowd Control is one of the most popular Twitch extensions for Chrome. This plugin is without a doubt the most helpful one available if you frequently host streams where you let your audience make decisions while controlling the games you play.

Crowd Control lets spectators impact a game by trading for in-game objects that either help or obstruct the streamer’s results. Bits are exchanged to get the coins, and a share of each trade goes to the broadcasting player.
Crowd Control

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3. Streamlabs

Gamers may improve their channels and speed up their monetization processes with the help of Streamlabs, one of the cutting-edge add-ons for Twitch. The all-in-one application gives users the option to play mini-games, request music, vote in polls, join giveaways, and earn loyalty points, which boosts channel engagement.

In fact, Twitch extensions were available from Streamlabs before their official launch. Only downloaded Streamlabs widgets, which are accessible via the Twitch Extension Manager, can be referred to as Twitch extensions. Many widgets are included in this group such as the Alertbox, Event List, Chatb  ox, The Jar, Donation Goal, Donation Ticker, Guilds, All-Stars, and Loyalty widgets.

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4. BetterTwitchTV

According to its name, BetterTTV is frequently used to improve Twitch functionality by adding a number of extra features and emotes. This is one of the best Twitch emote extensions consisting of an emote menu, a keyword blacklist, highlighting, a host button, and a mass unban feature.

Also, BetterTTV offers the feature of anonymous chat, which enables channel joining without appearing in the user list.

It is among the list of top Twitch extensions for Chrome that provides a number of additional features, like automatic channel bonus point claims, revealing deleted messages, concealing visual noise and bits, and chat splitting for easier reading.

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5. FrankerFaceZ

FrankerFaceZ is the Twitch chat extension that can be the next best addition to your personalized Twitch streams. This plugin allows you to completely alter the chat interface on Twitch.

FrankerFaceZ uses a variety of complex tools for chat moderation. Additionally, it grants access to special features like custom keyword highlighting, dark themes, tabbed chat rooms, harmful URL protection, and more.

Similar to BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ is a full-featured and one of the best Twitch extensions package that offers personalized chat customizations, layout customizations, and unique channel emotes. It also offers advanced conversation moderation capabilities, such as the ability to hide the unfollow button, mask badges from the chat, or add keyboard shortcuts.

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6. Voicemod

Voicemod has secured its place in the list of best stream extensions for Twitch due to its amazing features and usability. With only a few clicks, you can download and integrate Voicemod Live, an interactive voice changer, into your channel from the Twitch extensions store.

By donating bits, your audience can alter the voice while you stream using this digital voice changer! Streamers can select which voices are available through the plugin and can change the bit costs to make them active. Other streaming software programs such as Xsplit, Streamlabs OBS, and OBS are easily compatible with Voicemod.

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7. Stream Stickers

With the help of the Twitch chat extension – Stream Stickers, viewers may add stickers directly to a stream for a fun and engaging experience. It has more than 100 pre-installed animated GIF stickers, starter stickers, and the choice to add personalized sound effects and stickers.

Stream Stickers also has features like Sticker Party Mode, where users may fill up an on-display meter with bits to unlock free stickers for around 60 seconds. Also, it offers Reward Stickers that may be unlocked to reward viewers for their loyalty and offers full support for mobile apps.

Streamers have complete control over everything, including sticker placement, chat, overlay alerts, and also a chatbot that they can customize. Popular streaming programs like OBS, Xsplit, and Streamlabs are compatible with this useful Twitch extension.

Stream Stickers

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8. Stream Avatars

Stream Avatars is one of the add-ons for Twitch that gives viewers control over small characters that appear on the screen. The behaviors that users can execute with their avatars include dancing, jumping, hugging, and fighting.

Streamers can choose who is allowed to use the plugin and submit their own pixel art avatars. It is one of the panel and component Twitch extensions that is simple to install and activate.

Stream Avatars

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9. MultiVersus Twitch extension

A Twitch plugin called MultiVersus gives streamers and viewers a novel method to communicate with one another. It’s a game that’s playable directly in the Twitch chat, letting viewers take part and talk to the streamer.

Players can pick their characters and engage in competition with one another in this turn-based battle game. Using this, you may customize the game to fit the streamer’s channel’s theme. Hence, making it the ideal addition to the list of Twitch extensions for any streamer looking to increase interaction on their channel.

MultiVersus Twitch extension integrates seamlessly into the Twitch chat and is simple to set up. Everyone who wants to play can easily and smoothly take part in the game by inputting commands into the chat. The game’s solo or multiplayer modes enable streamers to have enjoyable interactions with their audience members.
MultiVersus Twitch

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10. Polling

Sometimes you would like to know the opinions of numerous people quickly about a particular issue. It would be extremely impossible for a streamer to ask each of their viewers a question individually. Fortunately, there is a proper Twitch add-on out there that can address this particular issue.

In the list of best and useful Twitch extensions, it is listed under the Polling & Voting category and is referred to as Polling. This plugin works just as it should and is quite useful for quickly conducting large-scale surveys of people. It offers a user-friendly interface and is simple to set up.

To make things look organized and aesthetically pleasing while providing your audience the chance to voice their opinions throughout your broadcasts, the extension supports customizing the poll windows via a color picker. Hence, it is an incredibly easy-to-use, efficient, and useful tool for streamers.


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Closing Lines: Top 10 Stream Extensions for Twitch in 2023

To sum up, using Twitch does not have to be an unpleasant experience anymore. Numerous simple-to-use Twitch extensions provide users more control and independence over their channels, ultimately improving the Twitch streaming and watching experience. Hence, to expand or monetize your channel, you may engage and entertain your viewers with the help of various add-ons listed above.

At last, we hope this article was helpful to you and you were able to find the best add-ons for Twitch that suit your requirements. Let us know your feedback and any other suggestions in the comments section below.

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