Optimize The Conversion Rate of Your Blogs

Why do you write a blog? A simple enough question with at least one of the two replies. One reply is that you might be into blog posts to vent out your thoughts, your opinions, either for the heck of it or to create a sound professional image. Another more honest and common reply is by creating a blog you want to attract an audience and further convert them into customers, partners, friends or else, with the ultimate goal to make a profit either by cross selling or promoting digital marketing or digital ads or promotion etc.

Writing a blog is easy. Putting up informative blog posts is great! But what’s the use of all this brain-haggling and finger numbing exercise if it doesn’t bring in any money? To break it down, if you are providing valuable entertainment to your audience, then you have a right to expect something in return from them. After all, it’s all about give and take. You need to focus on conversion rate optimization to increase customers, subscriptions on your blog posts, button clicks that point to another site, buy goods from you, etc.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is the art of systematic study of how users move through the site and then finding ways for increasing the visitors not in terms of mere numbers but in terms of visitors who take desired actions as well and in return increase your profits.

5 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategies 

There are several conversion rate optimization tips that are available but here we have chosen the top 5 conversion rate optimization tips for our users. 

Content Optimization

The first and foremost conversion rate optimization tips is “Content optimization”. You can’t cross sell until and unless you attract visitors by writing quality content. The blog posts should have video, audio, image, text etc. content of exclusive and informative nature. The content of your blog posts should not only be well presented, effective and informative. Not just that but the content marketing should be in accordance with SEO and consist of appropriate keywords as well.

Using Social Media for Content Gating

Make the visitors feel obligated using social media marketing. You can do so by using the Social Locker Plugin to lock certain parts of your blog posts strategically that might be more salacious in nature to compel the visitors to share the blog posts. To unlock that content, users need to share the posts on Facebook, Twitter etc. Once the content has been shared, readers can access the locked content. 

Strategic CTAs

Blog’s landing page is designed with a specific purpose which is to acquire some profitable entity from the visitors. The purpose of landing pages could be lead generation or building a list of email subscribers, contact details etc., or cross selling. 

By using CTAs or call to action, you can promote the desired purpose and instruct the visitors to act the way you want. The various types of CTAs are:

    • Buttons (for example buy now button, get started now button, download now button etc.)
    • Pop Ups (popup forms, popup subscription windows, push notifications etc.)
    • Pricing tables

SEO Services companies use strategic CTAs and place them tactically where the maximum number of visitors will see it. For example, it will definitely lead to an increase in conversion rates as it’s one of the most effective conversion rate optimization tips. For example, as per Google research, the most viewable position for CTA is right above the fold of the page. While another research by Grow & Convert states that welcome gates and feature boxes are the most effective locations. a good Conversion rate optimization service will help you find the most beneficial location to place CTAs.

Effective Headlines

Beauty with brains is what makes a package complete. Quality content is of utmost importance but if the packaging of the content is not attractive enough, it might not lure visitors. Hence, the blog needs to have effective headlines as well, as they are the first thing that visitors see. Headline is supposed to wrap up your entire sales pitch in one bold statement. It’s meant to arouse visitor curiosity, be impactful and meaningful and promote lead generation. The various types of headlines are:

    • Command headlines
    • Direct headlines
    • Question headlines
    • Problem solving headlines
    • Instruction based and how-to headlines

Create Incentive Emails to Lure Subscribers

“You catch more flies with honey.” As far as the old saying goes, it’s true to lure customers you need to give out some incentives. To attract visitors, you could offer “Special subscribers only” incentive or you could create “content upgrades” that will be available to users only if they subscribe to your email list. 

You can use tools such as Vyper and OptinMonster by integrating them with your email marketing platform and send mails to all the people on the subscription list.

To create incentive emails to lure and boost subscribers is one of the most effective and result oriented conversion rate optimization tips. 

Clearing The Air On CRO Vs. SEO Vs. Digital Marketing

SEO and CRO might seem like two sides of a coin but in reality they are different concepts. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used to attract more traffic, while CRO does content optimization for existing traffic.

Moreover, you could say SEO is used to boost your websites’ rankings in search engine’s results and CRO is used to analyze website traffic and visitors in order to boost sales, conversion rate, and leads for your business.

Digital marketing is the advertising technique delivered via digital channels such as websites, blogs, social media, mobile apps and search engines. Digital marketing is the way to endorse and promote goods and services and brands using online channels. While, CRO is a crucial technique for promoting digital marketing or PPC marketing strategy.

Hope our article was informative and helpful to all the readers! 

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