Download & Fix Logitech G910 Gaming Software on Windows 11,10

Logitech devices are a true delight for gamers. For instance, G910 Orion Spectrum is one such gaming keyboard that comes packed with programmable G-keys, Romer-G Tactile switches, and many more astonishing features. But what if this keyboard stops working someday? Well, that would be quite a drastic situation for any gaming enthusiast. But you can fix it easily. The only thing that you need is to download Logitech G910 Software to solve keypad issues, play with its settings, customize the backlight, and do a lot more.

Wondering how to get the Logitech G910 Gaming Software downloaded on your computer? Well, you can download this program effortlessly by following the step-by-step instructions shared in this post. Without taking much of your highly precious time, let’s learn the way to get the software you are looking for.

Download the Logitech G910 Software

Below are the simple steps to download the Gaming Software for your Logitech G910 keyboard.

  1. Go to the Logitech Support page.
  2. Key in Logitech Gaming Software in the on-screen box.
    Logitech Gaming Software in the on-screen box
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Select the software from the results.
    Select the software from the results
  5. Click on the Download Now button to get the installation file of Logitech G910 Gaming Software downloaded to your computer.
  6. Double-click on the downloaded file.
  7. Click on Yes to allow Logitech Installer to make changes to your computer.
  8. Click on the Next button to proceed further.
  9. Wait for the installation to complete.
  10. Click on the Finish button after the installation completes.
  11. Lastly, reboot your computer.

Above was the step-by-step process to download Logitech G910 Software on your PC. But downloading this software does not guarantee the top-notch performance of the keyboard and computer as a whole.

You may still face annoying glitches and errors if you have not updated the Logitech G910 keyboard drivers on Windows 10. It is the drivers that make the computer understand your instructions. Without well-updated drivers, the PC cannot execute your commands correctly. Therefore, the next section shares how to update the drivers for your keypad.

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How To Fix If Logitech G910 Gaming Keyboard Not Working

If you are facing issues with your Logitech G910 gaming keyboard, then read the following sections to find some easy solutions for it.

Solution 1: Update the keyboard drivers

The driver problem is the root cause of many different device issues. Your Logitech keyboard can frequently malfunction, lag, or react slowly if you’re using an old or corrupted driver. But don’t worry. You may solve this issue quickly through a mere driver update process. 

There are however two ways for updating system drivers: manually and automatically. To update manually, you need to make use of the Device Manager. However, updating manually is a very tedious and time-consuming process. So, we recommend you utilize the automatic method. 

For this, you would need to download and use one of the most popular free driver updater software – Bit Driver Updater. It is used and trusted by millions of people across the world. 

Hence, follow the below steps to fix the Logitech G910 gaming keyboard not working error quickly using Bit Driver Updater.

  • Download and install the Bit Driver Updater through the link below.

Download button

  • After installing the app, run it. Now, choose the Scan Driver option to get the list of all the outdated drivers in your system.


  • Now, for this keyboard issue, look through the list and click on the Update Now button next to your Logitech G910 driver. This will start its update process. 

update now

After the process is done, restart your PC to ensure that the problem is fixed. 

Solution 2: Run the Windows keyboard troubleshooter

You may easily solve any hardware-related problems with the help of the Windows troubleshooter. Hence, to fix the Logitech G910 gaming keyboard not working problem, you may make use of the Windows in-built troubleshooter. 

Here are the steps to take if you don’t know how to use it:

  • Press Win + S to bring up the Search box. Then, in the search box, enter “troubleshoot,” then select “troubleshoot settings.”       

search troubleshoot setting                                          

  • Click on the Additional Troubleshooters option. Then, scroll through the list and locate the Keyboard. After that, select it and choose the Run the troubleshooter option.

Windows will run the troubleshooter and detect any problems that are occurring. After that, it will present the list of possible fixes for you to try. Then, to apply the fixes, follow the on-screen directions. Finally, restart the computer.

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Logitech G910 Software Downloaded Successfully

Through this article, we enlightened you on how to download the Logitech G910 Gaming Software effectively and effortlessly. You can follow the above guide to get the required software and update the keypad drivers for an optimal keyboard experience. And for more tech how-to manuals, keep coming back to Explorate Global Blogs. We will soon return with another piece of valuable information for our readers.

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