8 Reasons To Use Magento eCommerce Development Platform for B2B

With a quick adoption of digital technologies, the dynamics of eCommerce are continuously evolving. For businesses to compete in this evolving digital market, they need more complex B2B, B2C/hybrid business strategies. The demand for flexible, spontaneous eCommerce solutions is all-time high and has become compulsory to benefit from modern opportunities and meet the demands of today’s customers.

Magento eCommerce Development has proven itself as an exceptional platform by pressing upon the idea that every business is exclusive and merchants with varied requirements need diverse solutions to stand out within emerging spaces and industry verticals. Because of its flexibility, rich features, and variety, more and more business owners prefer to develop their eCommerce websites on Magento. 

With 93% of B2B buyers prefer online purchase, it is not just end-customers, but also B2B buyers, that demand a smooth and spontaneous eCommerce experience. Magento, a proclaimed leader in B2B commerce, is the ultimate platform to achieve the goals of your B2B store. 

Is Magento Worth Investing In? Experts Weigh In.

When it comes to B2B eCommerce, Magento Development has several advantages that merchants can take advantage of achieving eCommerce success. If you want to take advantage of the growing popularity of B2B eCommerce and familiarize yourself with its changing buyer demographic, you need a platform capable of providing tailored and intuitive shopping experiences.

8 Reasons Why Magento Is The Ultimate B2B Ecommerce Platform

Magento Development has a trustworthy reputation for being a dependable and scalable B2B eCommerce platform. Here are 8 Magento B2B features you can leverage to energize your growing business.

Open Source Platform.

Magento is an Open Source eCommerce development Platform
Open Source eCommerce Platform

Magento eCommerce Development allows Magento developers to customize, transform or extend the source code for more innovative functions or default feature optimization. Moreover, Magento eCommerce Development also has full flexibility with installing extensions that are built to achieve business demands along with improving customer experience rather than interfering with the source code.

Magento eCommerce Development has full control over what to do with eCommerce websites, or how to optimize to meet business requirements and proactively regulate other management activities to serve their own needs. Compared with a different platform like Shopify, Magento Community Edition is free to download and customize whereas Shopify charges you monthly fees with different versions.

Rich Features and Easy Third-Parties Integration

Compared with other eCommerce platforms, Custom Magento Development services come with rich and varied features that help store vendors to manage the business from product design to checkout experience and even marketing or promotions.

Magento features help you to manage a complete business with most of the important functions to operate a store from the start to the end procedure. Alternatively, Magento eCommerce Development allows business owners to take advantage of this variety of Magento features to utilize business productivity and store management. 

Adding to it, besides extensions developed on the basis of specific standards of Magento Development, third-parties integration tools are one of the most common options store owners wish to install for a more successful website.

Magento Development services come up with the top system to effortlessly integrate so many third parties tools to the website, such as built-in Google tools (Google Analytics or Google Checkout), payment gateways (PayPal, Braintree), shipping tracking, the database application, etc.

High Scalability

Magento eCommerce Development is highly scalable, which is the best fit for every business type, from small-scale online businesses to medium and big enterprises. For example, you can start with a small-scale business with a limited number of products, but with Magento Development you can expand your business scale with an unlimited number of products.

High Security

If you are considering any eCommerce platform for development, high security is the most important concern you and every store owner need to take a careful assessment. When it comes to Magento eCommerce Development, security is always assured at the maximum level to make sure that websites are full of protection for the whole time. Why is Magento the safest platform for e-commerce business?

Magento creates a security center to continuously deliver users every piece of information regarding security, security updates, security patches, and practices along with quick support when needed. In addition, with the support of Magento Development, mandatory security modules such as PCI compliance or SSL certificates have been implemented.

Compared with other popular platforms like WordPress or WooCommerce, Magento has fewer possibilities to be hacked whereas WordPress is the most attacked platform with several vulnerabilities. The reason for this is that Magento has several built-in features that can be implemented without taking the risk of installing additional extensions.

Magento builds a perfect system of security to achieve business requirements and also comprehensively safeguard websites from internet attacks, hacking, etc.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another great feature proving that Magento is the accurate platform for your website development. Magento eCommerce Development supports users with sufficient SEO elements to boost ranking on SERPs such as sitemaps (HTML and XML) URL rewrites, metadata, etc.

Magento Development services offer out-of-the-box tools that you might not be able to get on other platforms. As per the study that compares SEO features between other popular eCommerce platforms and gives scores for them, Magento beats others with the highest scores and ranks in the top position. 

Multiple Language and Stores Support

As we all know, there are a huge number of multinational companies acquiring Magento to manage their business. The main reason behind that is Magento allows multiple stores, multiple languages, and even multiple currencies under one installation, which provides them extra opportunities to expand the market and approach the huge number of potential customers worldwide.

Multiple stores not only help progress the shopping experience for global customers but also assist store vendors to effortlessly enhance business efficiency in each region corresponding to each store.

High Performance

From the perception of website performance, Magento eCommerce Development is worth becoming one of the pioneer platforms that offer the top performance and boost the user experience as much as possible. Fast loading speed, as well as efficient processing query time, makes the website performance better than ever. This encourages customers to explore content or products on the web page and reduces page abandonment rate along with increased conversion rate. 

Additionally, since Magento is an open-source platform, store vendors can easily optimize their website performance in several ways from changing the source code to utilizing third-parties tools. As per the study by Aheadworks about Ecommerce Platforms Comparative Speed Testing, Magento and Shopify development are the two eCommerce platforms which perform the quickest speed than other ones, and particularly, the fastest mobile pages are developed on Magento and PrestaShop.

Superior Mobile Experience

In the era of smartphones, Magento eCommerce development is proactively keeping up with this common global trend by delivering an eCommerce platform with mobile-friendliness. Websites developed on Magento are responsive not only on the desktop but on mobile, tablets, or notebooks.

Customers can expediently go shopping or experience all Magento websites on mobiles without bothering about display or purchase issues. Every web page on the desktop is accurately customized and optimized with the mobile interface.

Therefore, when the world seems inclined toward mobile shopping or mobile reading, Magento plays a major role in improving customer experience by providing store vendors a multi-responsive website on all devices. 


Organizations no longer compete simply on quality or pricing. Being competitive now consists of enduring delivery of appealing content, user-specific collaborations, and customization throughout every stage of the customer journey. And the capability to provide these experiences will eventually conclude the success of today’s B2B and B2C businesses alike! 

The dynamics for B2B enterprises are rapidly shifting, driven by customers who expect B2C-like experiences through the whole supply chain. If you’re considering improving your vertical in the industry and serve both your B2B and B2C customers equally, Magento is a perfect choice. If you need support exploring the correct eCommerce platform for you and if you are considering Magento eCommerce Development for your B2B brand, then get in touch with a reputed Magento Development company such as Explorate Global to get the most out of your business.

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