Top 8 Microsoft Office Alternatives For Windows PC

Continue reading to discover the best free Microsoft Office alternatives that have cutting-edge features like cloud support, a bilingual user interface, etc.

As a one-stop shop for practically everything you want to accomplish on your computer, from producing reports to creating presentations, Microsoft Office has dominated the world. But during the last few years, its appeal has significantly diminished, giving rise to the best Microsoft Office alternatives.

These tools provide all of the functionality found in the Microsoft Office Suite in addition to a few much-needed extras. And maybe that’s why so many customers have already switched from Microsoft Office to its substitutes.

If you’re seeking a Microsoft Office substitute for Windows, you can use this article’s recommendations to find the right option for your requirements. Here, we present a comprehensive selection of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office currently on the market.

Let’s get right to the necessary Microsoft Office substitutes without wasting much of your time.

8 best Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows 10

Let’s look at the programs you can call the best Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows 10.

1. Zoho Workplace

Here comes yet another free alternative to Microsoft Office for Windows 10. We like it particularly because you can use it through your browser. It means not only can you save valuable PC space but also take your work anywhere effortlessly.

Apart from mobility, what makes Zoho Workplace one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives is its ease of use and real-time cloud syncing. With this software, you can create spreadsheets, word documents, and presentations quite easily.

Moreover, the software also allows you to import, export, and edit files from MS Office, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


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2. FreeOffice

FreeOffice is yet another name we would like to add to the best Office alternatives for Windows 10. It is a complete suite with compatibility with all formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

In addition to this, what makes it one of the top free Microsoft Office alternatives is its smooth interface. It boasts a clean and easy-to-use UI with well-labeled menus and toolbars. And you are also going to like this tool for its compatibility with touchscreen devices.


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3. LibreOffice

We cannot skip LibreOffice from the list of the best Microsoft Office alternatives. It is a completely free and open-source suite you can use to enhance your productivity and creativity.

With this cross-platform suite, you can perform all regular tasks, such as creating/editing a word document, spreadsheet, or presentation easily. Apart from this, what makes this software unique is that it supports over 110 languages.


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4. Polaris Office

Another name we would like to recommend as one of the best free Microsoft Office alternatives is Polaris Office.

While using this software, you won’t miss Microsoft Office at all; its interface looks and feels the same. It boasts the same easy-to-use UI with advanced features.

Talking about its features, here you will find power-packed document editing tools, the option to convert or edit PDFs, and cloud support.


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5. OfficeSuite

The next name that comes to our mind is OfficeSuite. It is also among the most popular Microsoft Office replacements you can use this year. With this software, you can create word documents, spreadsheets, and slides, manage emails, and create PDFs effortlessly.

Moreover, we like it due to its simplicity, cloud support, and compatibility with formats such as RTF, CSV, ZIP, DOC, and ODT. In our opinion, you are also going to find this software useful.


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6. OnlyOffice

Let’s now acquaint you with OnlyOffice. We think it is one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives for people who do not require vast documentation. With this software, you can perform regular functions, such as creating word documents and spreadsheets. Moreover, it also allows you to complete advanced tasks like order fulfillment and documentation of sales.

And, for those who fear missing deadlines a lot, it boasts a handy calendar that keeps you well-updated about all your personal and professional tasks. Apart from this, it also supports third-party integrations and group collaboration on projects.


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7. WPS Office

You might already know about WPS Office. It is quite a popular free Microsoft Office alternative. Its look and feel are somewhat similar to Microsoft Office. Not only this, but it also has all the essential tools you would expect in any software like Microsoft Office, such as a spreadsheet maker, presentation creator, and word processing tool.

And, if you like to use templates while creating a spreadsheet/doc/presentation, there are a lot of them available. For people who use more than a single device, it boasts a cloud sync option as well.


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8. Calligra

Calligra is another software we think is one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Office. What makes us feel so is its features, such as the availability of flowcharts, image handling, database management, etc.

Talking about its interface, it gives the user a fresh feel unlike any other Microsoft Office alternatives for Windows 10. Despite having a modern UI, it is easy to use and cost-effective.


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Summing up the best Microsoft Office alternatives

We introduced some of the best free Microsoft Office alternatives in this article for your use. Depending on your unique demands, choose from the list above.

Please identify any worthy software that is missing from this list in the comments section so that we can review and include it.

Add our blog to your daily readings for more information about software alternatives and other tech news.

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