Pandemic Induced Mobile App Development Opportunities You Should Know

The coronavirus pandemic has tried and tested almost every country to its limits and changed the way we live and work. However, no matter how intimidating the coronavirus crisis we are all facing may seem, now it’s the time to start looking for opportunities to capitalize on. Although, not a lot of other businesses are fortunate enough to be able to say the same. Nonetheless, it has its share of blessings for some industries that are still alive today as a result of COVID-19. 

Mobile app development is one of such industries which is presently profiting from the coronavirus pandemic. The first thing you must know is that the ‘work from home’ and ‘stay at home’ rules changed consumer behavior. The demand for mobile applications that solve recent problems regarding healthcare, education, or entertainment sectors has raised the demand of mobile app development to a great extent. 

Business Opportunities in the Mobile App Industry amid COVID-19

The impact COVID-19 on the Mobile App Industry
The impact COVID-19 on the Mobile Application Industry

Lots of the mobile app development opportunities that arose in this crisis depend on how the COVID-19 lockdowns impacted mobile users’ behavior. It’s not just an isolated thing with negligible effect, after all, but more of an expansive trend that was the direct result of the extended quarantine measures put up and that is constantly being executed by almost every major country in the world.

That being said, along with these impacts come a mass of opportunities that became present and obvious in several subfields in the mobile app industry. We have outlined some here to show you that there are, indeed, plenty of positive aspects even in the middle of a crisis as grave as this coronavirus pandemic.

The rise in the use of business apps that allows employees to work from home and conduct remote working, for example, demonstrates how these apps can address work setup issues related to COVID-19. Obviously, that’s just one great example in one subcategory of the huge mobile apps industry.

Most of the mobile app development companies that arose in this COVID-19 pandemic realized and understood how COVID-19 lockdown had affected mobile user’s behavior. They knew how well to benefit from this situation through the provision of solutions. A crisis as grave as the coronavirus pandemic has brought in opportunities in the following industries:

Healthcare and Medicine Apps Industry

This can probably be considered as evident since the COVID-19 is mainly a healthcare issue. Mobile App development aimed at health and fitness sectors enjoyed a noteworthy rise in demand, and aptly so because the coronavirus seems to have superior mortality rates in patients that are overweight or have poor physical health overall.

Healthcare apps that proactively share instructions regarding safety health measures you can do to avoid infection. Since there is still a lot about the virus that requires to be examined and data to broadcast, apps that take the initiative to do these things will definitely deliver huge value to people worldwide.

Chatbots have already been created to help in spreading coronavirus-related information to the public and replying to doubts about it. Mobile app developers should feel free to introduce their versions of this or twists to what has been proven to work.

Of course, mental health is included in this too. Experts advise that this could be the next huge problem that might arise as a direct result of this COVID-19 pandemic, with a scope that is just as terribly huge. Now is the time for mobile apps to be built to help people deal with factors that contribute to this, such as the long-term isolation and nervousness many are bound to experience while in quarantine.

Entertainment Apps Industry

One obvious effective tool to combat boredom and to keep one from being overwhelmed by anxiety is entertainment. Entertainment apps also experienced a rise in the number of consumers the moment the COVID-19 started to gain more ground globally. These apps help spend the time, after all, which a lot of people, specifically the youth, have plenty in their hands while in quarantine.

Music-related entertainment apps continue to enjoy a growing number of users, in addition to platforms that offer unique media services like Netflix. It’s no longer a question of why you should start investing in mobile app development. The more the quarantines and lockdowns continue to be extended, the more people will crave different and innovative forms of entertainment. The best time to exercise your creativity in this respect is at this instant.

Delivery Apps Industry

Food Delivery mobile Application Development
Food Delivery App Development

With social distancing in place and most people being recommended to stay at home, the vital contribution of delivery apps could not be more apparent in how plenty of people began using these apps to order essential groceries and food using their phones.

Jumps in installations of delivery apps like Instacart were noted to have a 51% rise in February alone. Combined with other delivery apps, it became clear that the increase in installs is actually an enormous 166%. This is a very prominent trend because it may very well become normal in the future. And you can only imagine the massive traction this will gain the more these strict quarantine measures are set in place.

Considering the anticipated long run of this virus, companies, and businesses will certainly begin to partner with these delivery companies, accentuating the huge opportunities for mobile app development in this area alone.

Social Networking Apps Industry

Just like games, social networking apps have always been a go-to platform for people to enhance their social lives and reach others. Social networking apps do well in helping people deal with isolation and the absence of opportunities to go out with friends and family, chat face-to-face, or do group activities that were practically no longer possible in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you put the COVID-19 crisis to social networking apps? Well, developers can start introducing features in their apps that will let people effortlessly share information about COVID-19, for one. Of course, going the opposite route of providing an escape from the certainty of the virus will unquestionably prove to be just as effective. In short, there are clearly lots of ideas to increase in this subfield.

Education Apps Industry

With schools and colleges closed, it’s time for online learning’s time to shine. Already, several appeals are being made for classes to be held virtually to help students and teachers deal with the huge disruption to education the pandemic has caused. This calls for better, more complex, and high-tech ways for teachers to teach their students efficiently while making sure they are still present and involved.

Of course, it’s not just about the conservative school setting as well. Many people are looking to learn different things that will help them deal with this crisis and aid in their existence, even. One clear proof of this is the ongoing growth of education app installs. There is demand apparently and the question is how you will achieve it as an app developer.

Video conferencing apps 

Since most of the corporations have instigated work from home, the app stores have seen a massive rise in the downloads of video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. 

Mental Health and meditation apps

As stated by Adweek, Breethe a meditation app has secured 41st spots in the health and fitness category ranking by skipping 31 spots over the last week, and BetterMe, another meditation app, skipped 70 spots up to 26th position.

Moreover, the Ginger app and other mental health platforms that are offered by managers to their staff have witnessed a surge in usage since employees have turned to online tools to handle their anxiety. Additionally, in stressful times like this, people are reaching towards such mental health and meditation applications to keep up their calm. 

Mobile Games

Mobile Game Development
Mobile Game Development

The mobile game development industry is a bright spot in this COVID-19 pandemic. This instantly makes itself apparent in the rising number of mobile game downloads that are presently ongoing. Predictable since games have always been the greatest way of escape for most people. 

With COVID-19 dominating every aspect of media, games work as a great tool to shut oneself out from the anxiety-inducing mental noise it causes which goes for both gamers and developers.


As you can see, there’s still a light in a world that has been apparently destroyed and darkened by this COVID-19 pandemic. Sparks of hope still remain and opportunities for stability and growth continue to come into existence if industries just take the initiative to discover and act on them.

Now is the time to invest in mobile app development, if you are still doubtful about the idea. With plenty of opportunities across diverse industries, you won’t miss a niche to invest your time and imagination. Even though this is not the world’s first recession and neither the last. The same applies to the pandemic (unfortunately), these might be just the right time to start a business and help it grow. 

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