Why Choose Salesforce Lightning For Mobile App Development?

Mobile applications have always had a transformational impact on businesses. Therefore, using mobile apps to run businesses is a plan every company wants to adopt, considering the ease of getting connected with customers. But unfortunately, most companies failed to deliver an intuitive user experience as a customer anticipates from a brand. The reason could be the development complexity and the time-taking process. 

With Lightning Mobile Platform, Salesforce has cleared those concerns permanently. And as a result of this, most businesses have started adopting Salesforce Lightning Platform for mobile app development to avoid expensive development work.

Cloud services providers in recent times are coming up with some amazing commercial mobile applications. Salesforce Lightning is one of the major mobile app development platforms presently. Exclusively, it comes with an extraordinary component-specific framework intended for mobile app development. Additionally, it works with Salesforce.com to streamline the businesses. And the highlight is, it benefits those with lesser technical expertise.

Be it regarding navigation or utilizing the application, the feature can create things productive for all. Getting starting from app builder to lightning connect, many remarkable features of Salesforce lightning solutions play a key role in business application development.  These features work perfectly with smartphones, as well as desktops. In short, Salesforce Lightning eases flawless Enterprise development all in all.

What is Salesforce Lightning Development Platform?

Salesforce Lightning is a set of tools and technologies that can be utilized to design and develop Salesforce applications. The reason for the success of this platform is its component-centric architecture. With the help of Salesforce Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component, the Salesforce apps can be developed by Salesforce development experts

Salesforce mobile apps that are compatible with your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop, can be developed by using the Salesforce Lightning platform. IT departments can simply meet the responsive necessitates of business using Salesforce based apps. Through a Salesforce Lightning environment, the IT departments of the company can get a favorable environment.

Lightning is the advanced Salesforce app and UI development framework that is used to build dynamic web, desktop, and mobile applications, and even single-page applications. The framework has two common elements:

    • Salesforce Lightning Component Framework
    • Salesforce Lightning Design Framework

A component framework is a UI framework whereas the design structure is a CSS framework. These frameworks can help businesses in designing compatible and user-friendly customized apps for their business operations.

Advantages of Salesforce Lightning Development

Advantages of Salesforce Lightning Development
Advantages of Salesforce Lightning Development

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of Salesforce Lightning Development:


Those who are looking for innovative business services, acquiring significant revenues, and enhance their businesses worldwide can easily recognize its importance. It’s no secret that businesses in modern times serve over smartphones. And Salesforce development allows users to manage businesses through a smartphone, from anywhere.

With Salesforce lightning, one can count on the maximum precision with app development. Above all, it makes the app development process very fast. Eventually, it makes the process productive and can enrich basic operations in a significant way.

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Making The Procedure Safe And Reliable

A unique characteristic of Salesforce Lightning is its ability to build safe and reliable applications. Also, it can make the apps scalable. The feature offers amazing tools and technologies for the automation of business. Through the procedure, the load of physical work can be significantly reduced.

Also, when it comes to integration, the apps developed with Salesforce Lightning are the most significant ones. Mobile experience can also be improved with Salesforce Lightning development. Due to this reason these applications are so much preferred for business application development. 

Exceptional Customization Through App Builder

This is an amazing element of lightning that can create things easier in several ways. For example, it permits the user to simply drag and drop, hence simplifying the procedure. This feature is the reason that anybody can build applications as per required customization. Anyone with no deep technical knowledge can create most of this feature.

And the best part is, one doesn’t even have to worry about any kind of IT support. One of the major reasons behind its capability to build a successful business application is its ability to improve internal ways. Particularly, this feature is amazing in building apps by understanding business ideas, safety features, and UI.

Utilizing Most Of AI

One of the major benefits is that the AI tools come integral with Salesforce lightning to boost the application’s performance. It allows the Salesforce developers to build impressive applications using customized Artificial Intelligence tools. Different processes such as automatically routing the leads, turning marketing campaigns customized, etc., can be improved through its feature.

Non-Technical Developers Don’t Need Code Builders

An exciting feature of Salesforce lightning is that it helps app development that does not demand code builder. You can easily develop, access, and optimize business applications using drag-and-drop functionality. This of course speeds up the process and the user experience reaches the highest level.

Salesforce DX And Pro-Code

Salesforce pro-code can greatly improve the software development process. In this case, it contains innovative designs and specifications for business application development. Whether it is about the open or integral experience, Salesforce DX is exceptional for developers in several ways. 

This makes it easy to build applications together with one at a time. Thanks to flexible design methods, excellent performance can be guaranteed to a large extent. Overall, Salesforce Lightning can significantly improve the application development process.


Since responsive mobile apps are a need for any business today, Lightning components can develop the customized Salesforce apps mobile compatible. Accessibility of readymade apps and Lightning components can accelerate the designing portion so that businesses can focus on their goals. 

With the help of highly trained Salesforce Lightning Experts from a mobile app development company like Explorate Global, you can customize and build attractive apps as per your unique business requirements.

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