15 Smart SEO Tips {2022 Update}

The digital marketing space is expected to continue flourishing In 2022, particularly now when businesses are migrating online to attract more users. However, competition is tough, and if you don’t have an excellent SEO strategy, you won’t survive in this ever-evolving digital world.

Your website, online store, and social media pages may have hundreds of followers, but failing to implement new SEO techniques and strategies could kick your web pages to the least popular pages. Search Engine Optimization is a major part of marketing that helps in progressing the website’s visibility for appropriate searches.

Without the correct SEO strategies and content optimization in place, your content will not reach the right viewers at the right time – and that will be the last thing you want. Search Engine Optimization is known as the major part of online business. Why? Because the online presence of a business, website traffic, and high ranking on Google is only achieved via proper search engine optimization process.

It is evident that digital marketing success comes with the help of SEO. Well, there are many other factors that can help you to build an online brand presence like social media marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, mobile marketing, etc. But they all are somewhat connected or a part of the SEO Strategy. So, if you’re someone recently venturing into digital marketing then here are 15 significant, new, and smart SEO tips and tricks that you must follow. 

Modernize your list of keywords

After all, search engine optimization is all about targeted keywords. And this is the reason why keyword research is a vital step in your SEO strategy. Google Suggest makes it easy for you to find keywords suitable for customer searches, and as it’s a free tool, keyword research takes less time, and it’s also reasonable.

Google Suggests works in generating lists of relevant keywords and since the keywords provided are directly from Google, that means people are actually searching for those words. Adding to it, you also gain perceptions into the perfect long-tail keywords to use because these are less competitive than the short-tail keywords or phrases.

And as a matter of fact that long-tail keywords have a low search volume, they are simpler to rank for these long-tail keywords. Just make sure to enter different keywords until Google Suggest provides you with about 10 keywords or phrases.

Voice Search Optimization

Focus on Voice Search Optimization to improve your SEO in 2021
Voice Search Optimization

Over the years, the way users search for information and data online has changed a lot. If you haven’t worked on voice search optimization so far, it is the right time to give it a shot. According to the recent research, in the USA, 55% of households will have their smart speaker by 2022. Therefore, if you are planning to optimize for voice search, follow the below steps: 

    • Choose the keywords wisely.
    • Always try to create person-based content
    • Create web pages that answer FAQs since when searchers ask a question, they start their query with words like What”, “When”, and “Who”

According to Forbes, voice search significantly enhances user experience. And it has been used extensively nowadays, search engines such as Google are focusing more on voice search optimization. Google voice searches put websites ahead that load fast. Therefore, you need to always make sure that: 

    • Your website must have a responsive design
    • Website images must be optimized
    • Always pick long-tail keywords
    • Site loads in the least amount of time
    • Your server’s response time should be little.

Mobile Optimization

An effective user experience confirms that your viewers find what they actually need. Marketers need to understand the importance of building a mobile-friendly website. Websites optimize for mobile devices certainly help a lot in ranking. SEMRush stated that “By 2025, almost 73% of internet users will access the internet through mobile devices”. Mobile-friendly websites resulted in a noteworthy change in website rankings.

Google’s EAT Principles

Google has confirmed that “content quality is a crucial aspect for ranking on search engine result pages”. But what does “quality” signify to Google? In very basic terms, content that justifies the Google EAT principle will rank higher, while EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These factors help determine if a web page has high-quality and relevant content. 

Google utilizes its algorithms to provide the best results to the consumers. For example, Google Panda is one of the well-known algorithms which ranks a website on the basis of the quality of the content. It removes web pages from the catalog that have low-quality and identical content. 

Another example is the RankBrain algorithm. RankBrain utilizes AI to understand search inquiries that the viewers search on Google. For example, when you look for chocolate cake recipes, you will also get results for chocolate truffle cake recipes on the search results page. 

Google panda and RankBrain accordingly, show the most appropriate and high-quality search results content on the top of the result page of search engines.

Featured Snippet

It features these results at the top of the search engines. Google programmatically picks out the most appropriate answer from a third-party website and shows it in the featured snippet. According to Ahrefs, “For a particular search query, almost 99% of the sites shown in the featured snippets are already on the first page of the SERP.” 

Some of the important techniques to optimize featured snippets are: 

    • Organize your content in a categorized manner
    • Ensure one article answers several similar questions 
    • Choose attractive images
    • Create answers with tables
    • Write particular titles to answer featured snippets, such as “Is red meat healthy for the heart?”

Suppose you need to create snippets, plan to build it question-based with the relevant keywords. For ideas, you can also refer to the Google search option, “people also ask.” 

Image Optimization

Focus on Image Optimization to improve your SEO in 2021
Image Optimization

According to SEMRush, “Image optimization will play an important role in online search.” This means if the images on your website are not optimized effectively, make sure you optimize them in the first place. Consider using high-quality, relevant, and appropriate labels for your image file. 

Include images to your site map as it turns out to be easier for spiders to crawl. Also, using alt tags will help crawlers to organize images effortlessly. Google utilizes alt-text to understand the perspective from images. A well-optimized image improves your web page rank and user engagement. Also, image optimization can help your webpage rank up in the image carousels on search engines.

Create Appealing Content

Human beings are visual, and they are involved in amazing content better than dull content. Properly check the fonts used, spacing for words or paragraphs, add graphs and charts, pictures, add screenshots, and other forms of graphics and visualizations. Ensure that the website content and landing page content match. You can follow this content marketing strategy for enhanced search engine visibility. 

Semantically Related Keywords

The semantically related keywords are word interpretations. Semantic keywords have a huge impact on website rankings. We associate them with keywords and help increase relevant traffic on search engine search results pages.

You can also search for LSI keywords in Google search results. Do you want to know how to choose the right semantic keywords?

    • Don’t just focus on keywords; alternatively, optimize the content through topic groups
    • Choose structured data and pick semantic keywords.

You can also use the comprehensive keyword tool to do this.

Creating Quality Links

Suppose a marketer wants to emphasize an effective long-term SEO strategy, high-quality link building cannot be ignored.

Google has stated that high-quality link building is one of the three most important attributes of its ranking. Therefore, always choose for quality over quantity, as creating quality links to your content can provide your product and category pages an enhancement in SERPs. 

Here are few effective strategies as they will enhance the number of links pointing to your website:

    • Gain backlinks from related and influential web pages
    • Promote your content on a regular basis on social media
    • Go for guest blogging and influencer marketing
    • Use social media platforms.
    • Reach your target audience through online forums
    • Attract your target audience by providing valued or relevant content

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Local Search Listings 

Focus on Local Search Listings to improve your SEO in 2021
Local Search Listings

Local SEO emphasizes optimizing websites that appear on SERPs in a particular location. Optimizing local SEO enterprises more website traffic and conversions as the strategy is more relevant to local users. This strategy is the best approach to promote your products to particular location-based users. 

According to Google, “Local search results depend on distance, relevance and awareness. These elements help Google to determine the top match for your search”. Due to this reason, it is necessary to have your NAP details accurate and reliable. 

SEMRush confirms that “Local Search Listings Will Play a Major Role in SEO Strategies.” If you are planning to get your business into that local pack, go to the Google My Business page and build your own. 

Note: Google My Business needs a solid backlink profile.

Enhanced User Experience

“Streamline navigation” is another word for “enhance the user experience.” Site navigation is an important element for your search engine ranking. For the last few years, UX has turned out to be a vital ranking factor for Google. 

In order to understand this concept easily, consider the relationship between search engine optimization and users this way: SEO gives importance to search engines, while UX emphasizes website visitors. As a result, both share a mutual goal of providing users the best end result.

Here are some practices on how to effectively leverage UX design to improve a site’s SEO performance:

    • Streamline your site’s navigation
    • Enhance UX Design for SEO-friendly layouts such as creating content easy to understand, Pervade images and videos where possible, use CTA’s sensibly)
    • Optimize for Site Load Speed, choose a mobile-responsive design, as over 50% of all traffic is now driven by mobile search. Just in case your website isn’t mobile-responsive, you will observe poor user engagement.

On-Page Optimization

Focus on on-page Optimization to improve your SEO in 2021
On-Page Optimization

You can do this through internal linking preferably, from your high-authority web pages to the web pages that require a little more authorization. Also, use small and keyword-rich URLs and semantic SEO (Words related to the target keyword).

Optimization for Search Intent

Optimization for the search intent means that your content must produce a response from your viewers and meet their requirements or respond to their questions while providing more significant information or tips to be followed.

Utilizing Schema Markup 

Schema markup is Microdata added to the website to support Google returning appropriate results to seekers. Suppose you’ve used rich snippets, you will know what schema markup is all about. In simple words, schema markup is widely used to describe website content. The collection of structured data ensures the visibility of your website in search results and improves its ranking.

Some of the important schema markup examples are: 

    • Rating and reviews
    • Thumbnail Image
    • Product accessibility
    • Website links

Add Hooks

Hooks, which are better known as backlinks, are vital for the success of your SEO strategy. It’s one of Google’s important ranking elements when you need to find the most valued and effective backlinks. Some of the backlinks you could use contain content linked to featured data and stats. Also, The Ultimate Guide assurances positive results because the words assist as hooks on their own.


These smart SEO tips and tricks will definitely help you run an online business effectively in 2022. Affective and informative quality content which contains images, links to more information, and is relevant is more likely to be seen by people. Your SEO regulates a huge part of your success. For startups or even the recognized business, SEO is very important if you want to be successful in this digitally-powered world.

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  1. Optimizing the website for search intent can positively impact the SEO efforts. The above mentioned tips are really helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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