Top 10 Mobile Apps Made with Flutter App Development Framework

What is Flutter development framework?

Flutter is an open source user interface software development kit created by Google, to develop mobile applications for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, web platform and Google Fuchsia. In other words, Flutter Development can be described as Google’s portable user interface toolkit for designing natively compiled mobile apps for mobile, web and desktop in any of the platforms from a single codebase. 

Flutter app development framework uses Dart programming language, Google’s in-house programming language, for developing mobile apps for any of the application platforms. With every Google update, Flutter app development gets better than before and also, gets laden with rich features and functionalities. 

If you want to build an app with limited time and budget and also if the app is going to be launched on multiple platforms, Flutter app development is the best route to take, in order to achieve all that. You should always offshore Flutter Developers or a reputed Flutter app development company with proficient knowledge of the framework.

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What are the advantages of using Flutter Framework?

    • Same UI and business logic can be used across all platforms for which the app is being built. Flutter Developers don’t need to think, create and write separate UI and Business Logics for different platforms while working with Flutter. 
    • In apps made with Flutter, you will observe that development time of the app is reduced owing to a couple of reasons. Firstly, Flutter’s “Hot Reload” feature allows for seeing the applied changes instantly without losing the current app status. Secondly, Flutter provides and allows usage for ready to use widgets that saves additional coding time and effort. Again adding to the tally of reasons why the number of Flutter Developers are rising.
    • Flutter uses declarative API for building user interfaces which boosts performance. 
    • Flutter allows for Customized and animated user interface of high quality and any level of complexity, hence reducing the workload for Flutter developers.
    • Flutter has its own high power and high performance rendering engine called Skia, thus enabling the launching of UI built in Flutter to be launched in any of the platforms.
    • Flutter offers simple platform-specific logic implementation.
    • Flutter has the ability to develop apps for not only mobile, but desktop and web as well.
    • Flutter is the most efficient at developing multi-platform based apps using the same code base that saves not only time and money of the development/client company but also efforts of Flutter developers.

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10 Most Popular Mobile Apps Made With Flutter Development Framework

Here is the list of 10 most popular mobile applications built on Flutter development framework:

Pairing- App Connecting Singles

Pairing is one of the social networking industry apps made with Flutter framework, which is quintessentially a clone of Tinder. Tinder is a very popular dating app for singles. The “swipe right” and “swipe left” options have become iconic. But when building Pairing, the development team wanted to build something more sophisticated than Tinder. Although its user interface resembles Tinder, Pairing is easier to scroll through.

Pairing has no targeted ads thus making it a non irksome flutter mobile app for matchmaking and dating. Also, the app uses advanced Math based algorithms to match you single friends with each other and lets you take advantage of the extended search option, which matches you with people outside your social circle as well.

Postmuse- Instagram Story & Photo Editor App

Postmuse is one of the most perfect examples for photo and video based apps made with Flutter development, that works as an Instagram story and photo editor. In other words, Postmuse is a free photo editing flutter mobile app that helps you create personalized insta-stories and Instagram posts. It helps you make your stories look good by enabling you to use its amazing story templates. You can create typography design and quote images as well. It offers varied fonts, stickers and filters. Postmuse includes layout editor, text editor, photo editing, design templates, frames, shapes, emoji picker, color magic, camera, photo author, color harmonies, and photo filters.

A lot of new businesses are now operating via Instagram, hence for that purpose itself, the business operators require professional looking photos on their Instagram accounts and Instagram pages. This level of professionalism for photos is awarded by Postmuse. Not only Postmuse lets its users browse through Instagram photo templates but also enables the users to edit them as well. Postmuse also gives its users the chance to create their own templates. 

Xianyu by Alibaba- M-Commerce App

Xianyu is one of the most popular shopping, online eCommerce mobile app made with Flutter which was launched by Alibaba. Xianyu serves as an online market- place for its users to sell and buy second hand goods. Anyone having an account on Xianyu can post goods for sale, buy goods from other user, rate goods and so on.

With Flutter, Alibaba created Xianyu to give its users a beautiful app experience for iOS and android development platforms. This Flutter mobile app has over 50 million downloads and a startling 10 million plus users use this app daily. Additionally, Xianyu has more than 200 million registered users as well.

The reason for using Flutter while designing and developing Xianyu as stated by Bing Sun, a developer at Alibaba group, was, “Flutter was an incredible time saver. It allowed us to use a single codebase which makes the maintenance of our app much easier and faster.”

Topline- Music Recording App

Topline is a music recording mobile app made with Flutter framework. Topline is Abbey Road Studios’ voice memo app for song-writers. This flutter mobile app allows the artists to record and save their song ideas anywhere they are at any time. Topline lets you record your music, add lyrics, and also share files and sync them easily to cloud.

The app was showcased at Google I/O 2018 event. Topline app has been recognized by the music industry as the much-awaited solution by distribution platforms Spinnup and Ditto. Also, the app was awarded as “Music App of the Year” and “UX of the Year” at UK App Awards 2018.

Features of this app are enumerated below:

    • Record your song ideas using Topline
    • Import instrumentals and record audio on up to two tracks
    • Build and organize projects by adding lyrics, tags and pictures
    • Convert to MP3 audio files and then export
    • Save projects to your device and sync them to your Google drive and Dropbox

Inkino – Showtime Browser for Finnkino Theatres

Inkino is one of the entertainment industry based apps made with Flutter cross platform development framework, to serve as a show time browser and movie ticket booking medium for Finnkino Theatres. This app enables its users to search for movies and their show-times in Finnkino Cinemas. You can even see movie details, movie summary, cast list etc. Another noteworthy and the most important feature is that users can buy and/ or reserve tickets as well. 

Inkino app is a brilliant example of a multi-platform Dart Project since it allows for a 40% shared codebase between Flutter and web. Also, the app is built in android and iOS platforms using the same code base. 

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How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Framework?

Cryptomaniac Pro- Cryptocurrencies Signal App

Cryptomaniac Pro is a finance industry related cross platform mobile app. It’s fundamentally a crypto currencies signal app that gives out information to its users about the most precise crypto currency signals, news about crypto currency, the service record of the portfolio and much more. Quintessentially, its designed to give its users a feel of having a personal assistant trader. Its features include:

    • Daily updates for Indodax, Binance, Bittrex, Bitmart, Idex, and Okex
    • Signal cryptocurrency Short-Mid
    •  ICO most updated News
    • Crypto most trustworthy News
    • CM Event Calendar

Cryptomaniac Pro was built in Flutter as it saves a lot of time on development cycle, thus enabling the Flutter app developers to deliver the app to their clients in less than two months. 

Moreover, the other advantages of building the app in Flutter are revolutionary speed in development; high performance equivalent to native; pixel perfect resolution irrespective of the device and higher level of security of the source code.

School Planner- App for Students and Teachers

School Planner is yet another exemplary example of apps made with Flutter development. School Planner is an education industry based mobile app for students and teachers. It’s a full-fledged homework management app for students and teachers. It allows the users on the teacher’s side to add information about their timetable, students’ homework, grades, results, exams, tests, enables sharing of notes with the students and setting up of reminders. While the users on the students’ side can download information regarding syllabus, timetable, homework, grades, results, tests, exams and sharing of notes.

School Planner is available on iOS and android platforms with the same set of features and functionalities on both the platforms, thus making it a well thought out venture, courtesy of Flutter Developers.

Its key features are:

    • Simple, fast & intuitive
    • Agenda for homework, exams, reminders
    • Beautiful, color themes
    • Back up on Google drive
    • Grades, marks and subject management
    • Lecture recording
    • Notifications for tests, exams, lectures, assignments, reminders etc.

Another brilliant example of mobile apps made with Flutter app development is Google Ads App, an advertising manager app. It’s a business industry based app which helps its customers to keep up with their online ad campaigning in a smooth and seamless fashion. Users can view campaign statistics, update bids and budgets, get real-time alerts and notifications, call a Google expert or act on suggestions to improve their campaigns.

Google Ads App is such a hassle free way of running a digital marketing based ad campaign. Google Ads App acts as an AI digital marketer who knows, cares, advises and suggests its users on how the ad campaigns are run.

Users can even get real time support from Google while running their ad campaigns.

As this app is made by none other than “yours truly- Google” it is bound to be perfect, easy to use and understand and on the higher side of user interaction. 

Google Pay – Tez- Online Payment Service App

Google launched its first payment service app in India under the name of Tez in 2017 which later folded to the new Google Pay app on 28 august, 2018. It operates atop the UPI (unified payments interface), developed by NPCI (national payments corporation of india). Tez app was developed in Flutter so that it could operate for multi platforms such as iOS and android. Tez is currently accepted by PVR Cinemas, redBus, McDonalds’, ACT Broadband, State Government Electricity Boards and is expected to be joined by Dish TV, Jet Airways, Dominos, Vi (Voda-Idea), Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, Ola, Clubfactory, Zappfresh, Amazon, Flipkart and many more names.

The app is super popular and has nearly 70 million active users and transactions of over 10 Billion US Dollars. 

The reason why Google used Flutter to build the Google Pay app, is its fast and efficient development environment. 

The user interface is so clean, flawless and easy to understand, hence justifying the reason behind millions of users using this app.

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Reflectly- a Journaling App

Reflectly is yet another example of mobile apps made with Flutter development framework. Reflectly is a journaling app much loved by everyone who uses it. It is a journal utilizing artificial intelligence to help its users structure and reflect upon their daily thoughts, activities, problems and experiences. Reflectly is your personal mental health companion.

Reflectly was initially launched in 2017 using React Native framework. But react native development team at Reflectly had a horrible experience while trying to achieve the same level of user interface and user experience i.e. UI/ UX for both android and iOS app users. Thus, forcing the developers to look elsewhere. Hence, came Flutter into picture. The team took a chance on Flutter and built the app and there was no turning back thereon. Another reason the development team took a chance on Flutter was due to Dart 2 which helped in making an app that was beautiful and easy on the eyes.

The team took 2 months to re-write the entire app in Flutter but they stated that putting together UI for Reflectly using Flutter was far easier than anything. 

Reflectly has never looked back since then and now raised a hair-raising 4.3 million US dollars in a recent investment round, escalating its user count from 2 million to 10 million in just a mere month.

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