Top 10 App Builder For Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile application could be the next important step in growing your company and obtaining access to the most successful app marketing channel, given the rapidly rising app market. But how do you create an application if you are not an app builder and lack knowledge of software for app development and design?

Your options are to engage an internal developer or an outside firm to build your own app, but if you’re a startup, you might not be able to afford the costs of comprehensive app development. And that is where online app builders, also known as app makers, enter the picture. By offering functions like an IDE, code-free development, templates, an API, data synchronization, and analytics, app creation software aids in the process of creating apps.

No code app builder assists in the application’s quicker development. To make the process of integrating with backend services easier, these solutions offer APIs. Additionally, it provides a graphical development environment and greatly simplifies the program development process. App maker also offers capabilities like device compatibility and workflow design support. Many app development tools also enable the creation of desktop, mobile, and web browser apps.

The free app maker for developing apps is a full set of all necessary and related tools. These technologies enable the creation and deployment of apps, which updates them. All stages of development, including designing, coding, deployment, integration, testing, etc., are covered by its functionalities. So Here is the list of the best free app builders you can use to build your own app for your business.

Best Free App Builders To Use In 2022

These open-source, free app makers offer the broadest range of functionality, regardless of whether you want to create native, hybrid, or mobile web apps. They also have the best user interface, allowing you to transform your app into a reality swiftly.

1.  Appy Pie

Using Appy Pie software, you may build your own app without knowing any programming. Instead, you may design the application you need using a variety of simple-to-use tools and options. The procedure includes picking a design, customizing it, adding the functionality you require, and submitting it to Play Store and the Apple AppStore.

A straightforward drag-and-drop interface is employed, and you can add features like chatbots, AI, and augmented reality or virtual reality. In addition, you are given access to a learning portal and a collection of training films to aid in your progress.


  • There is an online radio app builder on it.
  • It has a tool for iPhone and Android prototyping.
  • It will offer analytics for apps.
  • It has a variety of features, like IAP, push notifications, GPS, etc.
  • Appy Pie branding may be removed with the platinum plan.


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2. Zoho Creator

With the multi-platform no-code web app builder Zoho Creator, you can build a brand-new application or use one that has already been created. The program is specifically designed for businesses wanted to streamline and automate operations, such as developing apps for features like sales management, event management, order management, logistics, or recruitment monitoring.

You can, however, completely alter it whatever you like. To assist you in creating your app from a single dashboard, Zoho Creator has a drag-and-drop editor. Additionally, this free app maker offers essential features like JavaScript, Cloud capabilities, Artificial Intelligence, multilingual support, offline mobile services, interaction with a payment gateway, and much more.


  • Increase application creation efficiency.
  • Connect your corporate data, and encourage teamwork.
  • Produce incisive reports.
  • Get immediate access to mobile applications.
  • Unwavering security

Zoho app creator

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3. AppSheet

Another best free app builder that enables you to design custom business apps without writing or creating code is AppSheet. Before deploying your app, you can choose a template to build around the features and options you desire, powered by your own cloud-hosted information in spreadsheet format.

It is simple to combine data from various sources, including Excel from Microsoft 365, SalesForce, and Google Sheets and Forms. Alternatively, you can directly import spreadsheets from MySQL or SQL Server, as well as spreadsheets stored on Dropbox or OneDrive.


  • Offline mode, background data syncing.
  • Performance-enhancing tools for managing the life cycle of apps are all included.
  • With AppSheet, your productivity will grow, and management will be consolidated.
  • It offers unique branding features and formatting guidelines for all the plans.


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Businesses can build their own apps using the no-code app builder platform provided by, a reputable app development provider. Using a drag-and-drop system, choosing data sources, and utilizing HTML 5 as well as Javascript where necessary make it simple to create an app.

This Android app builder aims to accelerate application development for a quicker and more affordable procedure. When sets up installation, setup, integration, testing, and training for its completion, the procedure may only take one week.

Along with faster turnaround times, also enables a focus on extensibility, making it possible for the same apps to be changed quickly and without requiring a lot of development effort.


  • It includes tools for managing teams.
  • Every month, it permits between 50K and 200K platform API calls.
  • All of the price levels include the ability to back up apps.
  • The Enterprise package offers account management, private deployment, and SLAs that are of an enterprise-grade.
  • This online App builder offers advanced development and customization via model-based data structures, creating customized JS or CSS, advanced storage layers, and source code editing.


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5. Quixy

Businesses may allow their customers (citizen developers) to streamline workflows and construct simple to sophisticated enterprise-grade applications for their unique needs up to ten times faster with Quixy’s cloud-based no-code platform. All without doing any programming.

Quixy enables businesses to become more imaginative, productive, and transparent by removing manual processes and swiftly turning ideas into apps. Users have the option of starting from scratch or quickly customizing already-built programs from the Quixy app store.


  • You can customize the app interface by dragging and dropping 40+ form fields, such as an e-signature, rich text editor, QR-Code scanner, Facial Recognition widgets, and many others, to create the look and feel you want.
  • Using a simple visual builder, you can easily model any process and create basic or sophisticated workflows that can be sequential, parallel, or conditional. Set up reminders, notifications,  and escalations for each workflow step.
  • Utilize readily available connectors, Webhooks, and API Integrations to interface with third-party apps seamlessly.
  • Deploy applications with a single tap and make any necessary modifications without experiencing downtime. Use on any device, browser, or in offline mode.
  • Interactive Dashboards and Live Reports with the ability to plan automated report distribution through various channels and export data in a variety of formats
  • Enterprise-ready, featuring Custom Themes, SSO, White-Labelling, IP filtering, On-Premise deployment,  and all other enterprise capabilities, with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 Certification.


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6. AppInstitute

With the help of drag-and-drop features, AppInstitute’s free app maker enables entrepreneurs to promote their products online. Without engaging a programming team, businesses may create apps with the aid of this no-code app builder, thanks to its simple user interface. Additionally, there are free app templates for 20 different business categories on this app-building platform.

You may develop apps using AppInstitute for a variety of businesses, including coffee shops, radio stations, sports and fitness centers, and beauty salons. It features a drag-and-drop app builder. Furthermore, it offers advice on introducing, advertising, and marketing your apps.


  • Complete brand control is yours to keep.
  • For adding events, you can offer a calendar and a booking system.
  • You will indeed be able to offer rich media frequently.
  • In addition, it offers features like push notifications and messages, geo listings, social media integrations, loyalty programs, online payments, etc.


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7. GoodBarber

The most reputable app developer for iOS and Android is GoodBarber. With dependable mobile apps, this no-code platform has assisted enterprises in realizing their full potential. Additionally, this app creation software includes a simple and stylish user interface.

Even if you don’t know how to code, creating apps using our app builder is straightforward. After registering with this platform, you can immediately begin designing your app. This platform also has unique features that set it apart from other app builders.


  • It has features including couponing, beacons, chat, loyalty cards, CMS, chat,  and notifications, as well as manual or scheduled push notifications.
  • There are eight distinct categories inside it: Articles, Photos, Videos, Photos, Forum, Sound, Map, and Calendar.
  • You can link to an external platform or build your own for advertising.
  • It may be broadcast on any screen, no matter where it is.
  • It accepts club cards, discounts, and loyalty cards.


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8. Shoutem

Online app builder Shoutem assists company owners in making their ideas a reality. Since this app builder emphasizes design, all its free templates feature modern app layouts. Therefore, the Shoutem app builder is the best choice if you want to create a visually stunning app.

These app templates are free and simple to customize. You may change the content, colors, themes, and layouts using free app templates. As a result, your app will appear more current and loaded with functionalities.


  • It offers a range of monetization capabilities, including mobile advertising, e-commerce, promoting small businesses, and many more.
  • Support for many content sources.
  • Automatic publication to Google Play and iTunes.
  • It offers analytics to examine user activity and aids in app optimization.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Ning, WordPress, and Drupal can all be integrated with it.


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9. AppMaster

A no-code web app builder called AppMaster assists companies’ growth, from startups to large corporations. However, because it creates the source code, this app builder is much more than a no-code platform. Users thus receive a fully functional native application with the capability to export the source code, just like in the case of traditional development, but much more quickly, inexpensively, and simple to maintain.

AppMaster thus combines the benefits of software development processes and code-free development. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive technical documentation, which greatly expedites the learning curve.


  • Source code available
  • Unlimited scalability
  • AI-generated backend
  • Offer free trial
  • The same speed as apps written in code
  • Visual editing tools
  • Huge flexibility in creating custom solutions
  • Faster app publishing
  • Simultaneous creation of the web, ios, and android solutions.


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10. BuildFire

BuildFire leads the market for the most dependable Android app builder. You can publish your app to provide access to your users using our reputable app-building platform. BuildFire has experienced tremendous growth in popularity in recent years thanks to its user-friendly interface, rapid app development, and extensive customization options.


  • Quick App Development
  • Customization
  • Intuitive Interface


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Final Thoughts

A few years ago, creating apps with no code was impossible. However, drag-and-drop Android app builders are extremely popular nowadays because they make it easy for students or small enterprises to create mobile apps that serve their professional or personal needs.

Even without any coding experience, beginners can create a user-friendly mobile app using these development methods. Additionally, these drag-and-drop online app builders offer quicker and less expensive alternatives compared to traditional development. Additionally, some app developers offer free app templates for creating apps.

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