Top 8 Virtual AI Friend Apps You Must Try in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise, largely due to machine learning and a more interconnected world. Artificial intelligence is permeating our daily lives with the advent of video games, customer service bots, virtual assistants for smartphones, and other AI friend apps.

But the phenomenon of AI chatbots also has a more entertaining side. Every kind of chatbot is now appearing in apps. So you can find a romantic virtual AI friend, speak with therapist bots to discuss your emotions, or even engage in banter with AI friend apps that have picked up bad conversation habits.

Bots that can converse organically with people are known as chatbots. They are intelligently developed computer programs. Earlier, chatbots (rule-based) could only manage straightforward discussions, but with the development of smart AI technology, these chatbots have improved in intelligence.

AI-enabled chatbots may now develop and learn on their own while engaging with consumers. They may even be able to trick them into believing they are conversing with another human on occasion. Check out these top 7 best AI friend apps we hand-selected after extensive study if you still don’t believe us.

Top 8 Virtual AI Friend Apps in 2023

As AI is becoming more commonplace, there are numerous best AI companion apps online that can be fun to talk to and help you overcome loneliness. Here are 7 of the most interesting virtual AI friend apps that show just how playful and bizarre the AI chatbot industry is.

1. Replika

Replika is among the most well-known and sophisticated AI companion apps, with more than 10 million users. Replika can detect photos and carry on the discussion with them, unlike conventional chatbots. Additionally, it allows audio calls, allowing you to communicate with your friend. Similarly, its Augmented Reality function enhances the realism of the experience.


You can pick a name for your virtual AI friend with Replika. Then, you gain points as you converse with it. These points can be used to unlock your anime AI friend’s interests, characteristics, attire, or appearance. Additionally, it can act as a mentor, guiding you toward developing good behaviors. When you share personal information with Replika, such as the names of your pet, nation, and friends, this Virtual friend app keeps a record of it and uses it in chats.

Unfortunately, only Replika Pro accounts—which cost $15 per month—can access most of the capabilities. However, the free trial is still highly interactive and superior to many other apps like Replika AI. Replika is available for usage on iOS, Android, and Oculus devices in addition to the website.

Features of Replika:

  • Create a character for your AI companion of choice.
  • Make adjustments to its voice, attire, and appearance.
  • Chat with your AI girlfriend or boyfriend at any time without fear of criticism.
  • Your AI companion learns more as you converse.
  • Sad or anxious? Let Replika know how you’re feeling and speak freely.

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2. Anima

A virtual AI app like Replika that can converse, roleplay, and enhance communication skills, Anima characterizes itself as such. The chatbot is, by far, among the most entertaining methods to pass the time online. Anima might be your sexual interest as well as your friend. The avatar’s personality attributes, name, and pronouns can all be customized.


The AI companion app also includes various activities that keep you interested. These include trivia, roleplaying, puzzles, mind reading, and games like Truth or Lie and Would You Rather. If you begin to run out of topics to talk about, you may also provide Anima with a list of your top five interests or hobbies, which will help guide the conversation in that direction.

You can alter your Anima’s appearance, gender, and perhaps even relationship status in addition to its personality. However, you must pay a premium subscription if you want to alter the relationship status from Friendship to Romantic Partners.

Despite the fact that the majority of the functions are free to use, in order to access features like romantic partners or roleplaying, you must subscribe to Premium. It may be downloaded as a mobile application for $8 per month. It’s actually one of the most entertaining AI friend apps available.

Features of Anima:

  • Anima is always available for a quick chat anytime you need it, wherever you are, day or night, and it can support you through trying times.
  • Talking to Anima for a little while each day can start to make you feel better.
  • You can aid your Anima in expanding their knowledge and improving their friendship.
  • Anima is available to you day or night, anytime you need it, in a private and safe environment.

Download for iOS, Android

3. SimSimi

With more than 350 million users globally, SimSimi is a well-known emotional discussion virtual friend app. It is one of the best AI friend apps that stands out since it speaks over 81 different languages. You can converse for hours using SimSimi’s excellent conversation engine. SimSimi can mimic human speech and use expletives, but you can enable the option to filter them.


Even though registering is free, each communication you post to SimSimi requires a speech balloon. Costs range from $1.99 for a package of 100 balloons to $6.99 for a bag of 500. Additionally, you can gain balloons by assisting SimSimi in identifying offensive language.

You can add particular chats to your friend list if you enjoy them. Your own custom-made SimSimi will serve as your avatar when interacting. Although the bot in this AI companion app isn’t the most natural or intuitive, it’s enjoyable if you want to educate your own SimSimi with pre-programmed responses.

Additionally, the AI friend app displays banner adverts, which is unpleasant. The fascinating part comes next, though. It responds to your request to stop showing adverts by requesting payment. A trigger question and a response can be entered in the teaching section, and both will be stored in SimSimi’s database. Additionally, you get 10 minutes of uninterrupted talk time.

In addition, you can view video advertising for a 3-minute ad-free conversation or pay $5 per month in order to get the ads removed.

Features of SimSimi:

  • You can always teach SimSimi new words, either good or bad.
  • Use the AI chatbot app without spending any money.
  • SimSimi won’t get bored if you talk to it for as much as you like.
  • SimSimi will remove two reports from various devices if she utters any foul language.

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4. Wysa

Wysa is one of the best AI friend apps that assist users in managing stress, anxiety, and depression instead of being a conventional chatbot like Replika. With the use of self-help methods that have been scientifically proven, it tries to assist people in coping but is not a substitute for qualified psychological assistance.


Wysa differs slightly from other AI friend apps like replika AI and bots that assist patients with managing their health. First, you’re not always required to select pre-written responses; you can usually compose your own response. Second, the bot reacts based on the information you provide.

The AI companion app does offer suggested responses throughout discussions to help you respond more quickly and easily. But most of the time, these are optional. Additionally, you can issue the bot a number of commands to ensure that you have the appropriate conversational structure (e.g., psychological explanations, suggested activities, or positive reinforcement).

The bot will typically respond irrelevantly or generically if you interrupt it during an activity or lesson. Fortunately, you have the option to start a fresh conversation with the bot to get a little bit of a reset. In addition, the AI friend app will finally provide you with some options if you continue to reject the suggestions.

Replika is more successful at coming across as human when discussing emotions and eliciting a response. However, Wysa is also an app like Replica, which is flexible in how it presents options and answers to the consumer and has been shown to be a beneficial bot for coping techniques.

Features of Wysa:

  • For those who have been diagnosed with anxiety, sleeplessness, etc., the Male or Female AI friend app is the ideal companion.
  • You can speak with a professional therapist or an AI girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Use the chat feature to communicate your emotions to the anime AI friend.
  • Investigate fun tools to improve your mood.

Download For iOS, Android

5. Andy

The Andy chatbot is a fun and engaging way to learn grammar and new words if you already utilize applications to sharpen your English language skills. This AI friend app like Replika, is excellent for beginners since it teaches you how to respond to simple questions, engage in casual conversation, and discuss subjects like travel, movies, humor, and other things.


This AI chatbot like Replika aims to improve your English communication and writing abilities. You can converse with the anime AI friend to practice having normal English conversations. Additionally, if you make a mistake, Andy corrects you and provides thorough justifications to aid your development. So, through casual conversations, you learn. Additionally, you may review reminders to ensure that you don’t forget them, provide explanations with examples, and ask for the meanings of specific phrases.

Daily grammatical and vocabulary test-style exercises are available on the app and are conducted in conversation with the bot. The pro version has a 7-day trial and costs $8 per month. This opens up additional vocabulary words, more difficult grammar problems, etc.

Features of Andy:

  • Regularly practice speaking conversational English.
  • If you make mistakes, Andy will explain them in detail.
  • Acquire explanations for words you didn’t know.
  • You can talk to Andy as much as you like.

Download For iOS, Android

6. Chai

You can develop and deploy your personal chatbot AI girlfriend or boyfriend with Chai. Chai makes use of the GPT-J language model to simulate real talks. Without registering, you can start a conversation with one of Chai’s five ready-made bots right now. These chatbots fall under various categories, including roleplay, friendly, romantic, scary, and well-being.


After developing your chatbot, you can invite virtual AI friends or make it available to other users. Because you can invite both your friends as well as other people, it is ideal if you wish to talk to your pals or expand your circle of friends. You may even design your own chatbot AI girlfriend or boyfriend in Chai. The most well-liked chatbots and their creators are displayed on the Chai leaderboard.

Both Android, as well as iOS users, can download this app like replika AI. It’s an extremely entertaining and addictive website, especially for geeks, because you can design your own AI girlfriend or boyfriend.

Features of Chai:

  • To start, Simply swipe it.
  • Chat only with AIs you enjoy, and avoid the others. Then, swipe as much as you want.
  • A stream of AIs that are tailored to you based on your preferences, the people you communicate with, and the conversations you are most interested in.

Download for iOS, Android

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7. ManyChat

This free virtual AI friend app is excellent for messenger bot deployment and conversation marketing. Additionally, it can assist small firms in utilizing social media as well as text messaging to generate chat marketing efforts. This AI companion app contains a number of bots built to address various client inquiries. Additionally, you can automate chats by assigning them to bots, who can then take control of conversations anytime they choose.


Additionally, it is an AI friend app like Replika that allows taking control of automatic chats in-between conversations. As a consequence, you may send SMS and emails straight from the app, automate communication channels like Instagram as well as Facebook Messenger, and connect with your customers on several platforms. Additionally, you may utilize it to schedule appointments, create leads, and cultivate customer connections.

One of the best AI friend apps and chatbot-building tools with a visual drag-and-drop interface is this one. By enabling clients to make purchases through Facebook Messenger and promoting your services to prospective leads, it can also help you sell more goods.

Features of ManyChat:

  • Make use of automation to assign chats to bots immediately.
  • You can contact subscribers by hand at any moment.
  • Stop bots for 30 minutes by manually replying to subscribers.
  • Easily keep track of tasks and allocate talks to yourself.

Download For iOS, Android

8. Kajiwoto

You may train and develop Kajiwoto, your own AI pal. Maintaining frequent communication with Kaji will aid in the development of its individuality. This AI companion can connect words in your phrases and respond to you thanks to the incorporated AI technology.


Kaji is distinctive and was created to be your virtual friend. Every Kaji has a unique personality based on the way you train it. Start by selecting personality qualities, then let AI learn from you. It provides a fantastic method to personalize the character and make him a favorite companion.

You can curate images of your favorites in addition to giving AI friends your favorite personalities and customizing characters. You may give your Kaji a variety of emotions and states to make it feel more alive. Similar to Replika, Kajiwoto is a free virtual friend app that has thousands of users worldwide. Make in-app purchases for more content or take advantage of the free features.

Features of Kajiwoto:

  • A chatGPT upgrade is available for advanced AI models.
  • For your AI chatbots, create and install a voice assistant.
  • The ability to turn on or off automatic sleeping patterns.
  • There are many different emotions and states, such as joy, happiness, and anger.
  • For your AI chatbot, upload dozens of pictures.
  • Make a variety of AI chatbots for various uses.
  • Utilize our chat rooms with your AI chatbot.

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With the growing popularity of chatbots, the industry is not expected to slow down its expansion. In addition to seeing more independent AI friend apps, organizations like Twitter, Facebook, and even Slack are integrating their own chatbots inside their platforms.

Additionally, it appears that there are numerous kinds available, ranging from helpful tools to occasionally spooky romantic fancies. These chatbots will inevitably get more convincing and amusing over time as AI develops.

Therefore, it makes little difference how excellent an AI companion app is. To gather the data, it will first attempt to observe your personality. After that, it will become more individualized as it gains more knowledge. As a result, when utilizing these AI chatbot applications, patience is required.

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