How to Optimize CakePHP Website Speed? – 8 Tips Inside

If you are into website development, you must be aware of the things that come in the way of the development process with better results and quality performance. By using the CakePHP website development framework for your business requirements, you can leverage the best out of this web development solutions by implementing easy and complete strategies for your development process. Additionally, if you consider the features like performance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, etc. CakePHP framework would surely win the battle among different development frameworks as it also offers top-class security and support. 

However, despite being a high-performing framework – CakePHP needs a certain amount of refinement to give website developers the best value in terms of their accessible resources and time. This is where speed comes into play. Since a good speed allows best website performance and uninterrupted services. Simultaneously, it serves as an indicator of how well things are working and all that needs to be expected in return from the facility with regards to the time and resources you invested in the same. This is mainly recognized for the planned resources and easy techniques that it offers. Besides, it offers certain functionalities that allow the speeding up of the website without compromising with the ideal results and desirable performance. 

8 CakePHP Website Speed Optimization Tips 

Is your website built on CakePHP? Improve its performance with these simple tips
CakePHP Website Speed Optimization

Let’s take a look at some CakePHP speed optimization techniques that you should consider using for CakePHP website development. 

Regularly Upgrade the Framework Version

CakePHP website needs to be upgraded regularly to match with the latest web trends and support advanced functional properties to work properly with the improved user requirements. If you are still working on the previous versions, it’s time to shift to the latest version. Since depending on the older version of the development framework in your web solution will slow down the speed of your website. However, if you are not sure of what to use take a look at the CakePHP Cookbook to have a better idea of what suits your requirement. 

Disable Debug Mode

Make sure you are on a zero debug mode while working on a CakePHP website. Well, that sounds obvious but while in the process this seems to be forgotten by the best CakePHP programmers to switch off debugging. The key statement to modification is Configure::write (‘debug’, 2) to Configure::write (‘debug’, 0). This will hide all the error messages and refresh model caches permitting the page to load rapidly, hence affecting the speed of the CakePHP website to significant limits.

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Disable Recursive Find Statements

This seems very basic but PHP developers have gone through a production time website crash because they overlook Recursive Find Statements just when it is required. To avoid such a thing happening to your site you need to ensure that the Default Recursion is set to zero. This can be attained by applying the following code in app/model/AppModel.php:

  1. <?php
    2. class AppModel extends Model {
    3. public $recursive = -1;
    4. }

Cache Query Results

A successful website speed optimization allows great query results to be shown with the search process including great speed. All you need to do is avoid the excess of queries going into the databases and controlling the fields being reverted by each query. Applying the containable class will keep you doing it right and permit you to cache database queries for better results. 

Memory Based Caching

Yes, here we have a procedure that goes a long way in putting up with the best to the extent that the performance of your CakePHP website is concerned. This is because when you access any session, PHP unlocks an associated file and decodes the information to better serve your query. Well, here the catch is, accessing things from memory is considerably faster and less resource-consuming over disk I/O. This is why installing memory-based caching makes sense when you aim to keep your site being sluggish and messy with regular operations taking place in and around session resources. The presence of frequent operations occurring in between the session resources will further help in improving the speed of the CakePHP website.

Removing Apache and Installing Nginx

One of the modern trends in the world of CakePHP web development is to remove Apache and replace it with Nginx days as it helps the website to absorb the disruption and performance bottlenecks generated by the heavy traffic on the internet. Nginx offers you the much-needed options that are much better when it comes to combating speed issues on websites as opposed to the millions of different options offered by Apache. From serving static files to consuming memory, the whole thing is assisted to keep in mind the speed of the program with Nginx.

Remove MySQL and Install Percona

This is one of the most important CakePHP website speed optimization techniques and web development approach that every professional associated with this development framework needs to be aware of. Percona is built with years of close supervision and an in-depth understanding of performance issues that are not addressed by MySQL. Database architecture optimization and various installation options for a CakePHP website speed and swift web operation are among some of the issues that Percona helps to address.

Speeding your CakePHP (reverse) routing

CakePHP might be a fast framework, but even then some conditions might slow down the speed of CakePHP website. It also includes when the website requires several dynamic links for responding to requests. Instead of providing generated URLs, the router will automatically generate them over and over again. This significantly reduces the request time tremendously. This is why the CakePHP developers have to take care of speeding up the reverse routing system. 


Overall, CakePHP website development can be reached up to a similar level to other frameworks. If you are still unsure about how CakePHP speed optimization can be done, you can hire a team of experienced CakePHP developers from reputed web development company like Explorate Global who can help you with the CakePHP speed optimization of your website and make it much faster and responsive.

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