7 Benefits of eCommerce Mobile Apps

In this ever-evolving digital world, it is not sufficient for businesses to have just a website. If you want to be successful in your business you must have an eCommerce mobile app that is now leading the market with its usability and effective services for both business owners and customers. The sky’s the limit for eCommerce businesses in this present scenario. People are shopping online, more than ever before. However, your eCommerce business will never reach its full potential with a website alone. If you analyze the most recent eCommerce trends, you’ll realize that everything is heading in a mobile direction. According to the latest research, 96% of adults in the USA own a mobile phone and around 81% of the population owns a smartphone. Look around. Everyone has mobile phones glued to their hands almost 24/7. So how can you take these statistics and leverage them to increase eCommerce sales? The answer is simple – your business needs an eCommerce mobile app.

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Considering the favorable mobile application development, there’s a turning point approaching in which mobile devices will soon overtake desktops as the main devices for online retail. Around the world, eCommerce development is fundamentally being driven by customers using mobile devices to purchase products and services. 

As per the eMarketer evaluations, retail eCommerce sales touched $2.3 trillion in 2019. And, mobile eCommerce is expected to hit around $3.5 trillion in 2021. As a business owner, if you need to stand tall in this digital world, you need to recognize the importance of eCommerce app development and readily adapt it. If you are looking to establish a strong eCommerce business with continuous sales and an expanding customer base, then you have embraced the idea of having an eCommerce mobile app. There are several reasons for having an eCommerce mobile app for business. The most important of them are: 

Advantages Of Having An eCommerce Mobile App For Business

1. Improve Marketing Communication

Enhanced digital marketing campaigns with mobile applications
Improve Marketing Communications with Mobile Apps

Almost every business spends lots of money on their marketing strategies. While an eCommerce mobile app for your business certainly won’t disappoint when it comes to sales, this platform goes far and beyond that. By refining your PPC marketing campaigns, you’ll ultimately be able to generate even more profits from your existing and prospective customers. However, without a mobile eCommerce app, you have to depend on your customers navigating directly to your website to have any chance of driving conversions. But how frequently does the same customer come back to your website? Even your loyal customers won’t buy something every day or every week. 

You spend marketing dollars on social media marketing campaigns and email communication to try and reach your customer base on additional channels. But with the help of an eCommerce mobile app, you’ll have a better and efficient way to communicate with your customers via push notifications. Push notification features provide alerts on the user’s home screen of the mobile app. When a user accesses it, he will be directed straight to the app and instantly send the necessary marketing content to the customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Push notifications are an effective and valuable technique of reaching customers and growing sales revenues.

2. Better Efficiency

The user-friendly nature and multiple features of mobile apps have made them accepted globally by a large number of customers. Even though you might spend some money on developing it initially, soon it will start delivering you incomparable benefits within a short period. A well-built app with useful features has shown the enhanced sales results and profits and with the help of proper planning and utilizing your marketing campaigns, you’ll ultimately be able to make more revenues from your existing and potential customers. With the manageable and user-friendly nature of mobile apps, you can effectively satisfy the customers’ needs and increase sales significantly. The association is simple – a well-designed and effective mobile app with the right idea and functionality brings more customers and more customers result in more orders, which means your revenues are growing.

3. Reduced Response Time

Both customers and business owners wish to choose a service that performs seamlessly. The response time for a mobile app to finish action is considerably less when compared to a website as mobile apps retrieve the data rapidly. Mobile apps usually connect to servers similar to the websites but there is significantly lower data transmission among a mobile app and a server as compared to browser and server. This is because the mobile apps store the data partially on the device itself.  Additionally, app users get the option to select their preferred filters and preferences, which will tell the app to show only the required content to the user.

4. Multiple Payment options

Although websites have the option of online payment, mobile apps have improved the convenience for customers with an option to pay via multiple payment channels like credit/debit cards, UPI, e-wallets. Online payments etc. Integration of 3rd party payment via mobile apps is easier and appropriate. It will be beneficial for both customers and business owners. This was much evident particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic where customers are not supposed to have physical contact during shop visits or home delivery.

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5. Brand Recognition

eCommerce mobile apps make your Brand Recognizable
Brand Recognition

Mobile apps develop a solid connection between brands and customers. Mobile apps always stay on the smartphones of users which makes them opt for your brand every time they need the service or buy a product. When the user gets satisfied with your service, they often write a review about your brand on social media and other channels. This acts as a golden chance for advertising the brand, improving the reputation, and attracting potential customers. If you provide smooth service with exciting discounts and offers, customers will definitely want to shop from your brand regularly. It proves to be really valuable for business owners in the growth of the brand with the persistent business.

Since maximum customers spend hours on their mobile, it turns out to be easy for brands to connect with them using a mobile eCommerce app. However, a brand needs to provide a high-quality and seamless mobile app experience that users love. Because on mobile devices, users usually get annoyed fast, and according to Statista, 32% of app users uninstall a mobile app if they don’t find it user-friendly. Therefore, leverage the smart branding strategies with attractive and easy-to-use UI/UX designs to create a long-lasting impression on mobile customers. Additionally, to make your mobile eCommerce app branding more effective, you must respond to all your customers’ queries.

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6. Personalized Shopping Experience

Providing a customized shopping experience to the users is essential for the success of the eCommerce business. Mobile apps will allow you to recognize the regular purchasing pattern of users that helps to offer personalized options for users. When effectively planned and combined along with push notification strategies, it can show wonders to your marketing campaigns and sales. Rather than sending similar generalized marketing campaigns, you could send customized marketing campaigns as per the user’s taste. Similarly, an eCommerce mobile app makes the job simpler for users to see their complete purchase history, which will ease them to make frequent buying activity. As per the latest study, 63% of users want a personalized experience when they’re shopping online. This number is up from 57% in just two years ago. So overall, this is another rising trend. 

7. Increase Customer Loyalty

The most effective way to get your customers to spend more money is by executing a customer loyalty program. Having an eCommerce mobile app increases the probability that your customers will take part in this kind of program. Furthermore, consumers are 82% more expected to shop from sites that offer customer loyalty programs. This is something that you should certainly take benefit of.

A mobile app permits customers to see their status within a program in real-time. A loyalty program gives your customers a reason to spend more money to reach their next reward. For example, you can set up your customer loyalty program based on transactions. Order something from the mobile app 10 times, and get an instant discount on your next purchase.

Another way to implement a loyalty program is to reward customers based on how much they have spent in a given time. Customers who spend more than $500 in a year will get some kind of reward or discount. Customers who spend $1,500 a year will get even more rewards or discounts. Psychologically, this inspires people to increase their regular order value as well as their purchase frequency to reach the next spending tier. Some of the businesses might already have a customer loyalty program on the website. But running a similar promotion or campaign through a mobile app will be even more effective. 

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With all the above reasons that we have discussed, the importance of the mobile app for the eCommerce business is unmatched. And now that you realize why an app is so important for your eCommerce business, it’s time to take action. If you still are not having a mobile app for your business or just managing your website, then it’s time to think. Associate with an experienced and reliable eCommerce mobile app development company for getting yourself a profitable mobile app and stand out unique in the competition. 

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