Hiring a mobile app development company? Read this first!

There is no doubt but pure fact when we say that mobile internet usage is rising massively and promptly while the desktop internet usage is continuing to fall rapidly. The number of hours spent on the internet continues to rise every year. With more than 3.2 billion mobile phone users across the world, it’s no shock that the mobile app industry is at its boom. Nearly 90% of the time spent on phones, is actually spent over mobile apps usage. Statistics at App Annie Reports state that the number of mobile app downloads are increasing every year steadily. In 2019, 204 billion app downloads transpired excluding re-installs and app updates. While it’s projected that the number of mobile app downloads is going to exceed 250 billion in 2022.

Hence, the demand for mobile app development services arises. The significance of mobile app development company for any and every business is self-evident in todays’ highly technologized world. Mobile apps have sensationalized and metamorphosed the way of doing business. The mobile apps have not only simplified and eased the process of doing business but garnering business as well by helping the businesses reach maximum number of customers. The mobile apps not only help businesses reach target clientele but have also helped in providing secure and safe payment methods and establishing continuous relationships with its customers as well by keeping track and staying in touch with all its past customers as well.

Nevertheless, the success of any mobile app is calculated by its ability to garner customers and generate business and the end game profitability generated by its presence. And, to develop such golden egg laying mobile apps, you need to offshore an efficient and effective mobile app developer or mobile app development company.

Thus, we can conclude that, hiring the best mobile app development company is the most important step for success, because you need to find the perfect match for a mobile app development company for your business, who should be able to understand your business idea, implement it and deliver the perfect mobile app for your business. 

Why should you focus on hiring the mobile app development company?

Why Focus On Hiring The Mobile Application Development Company
Why Focus On Hiring The Mobile App Development Company

1) Profitability

With a paradigm shift from using laptops and desktops to using smartphones for all intents and purposes that were earlier fulfilled by laptops and desktops, having a mobile app for your business will help you reach a larger client base and thus in aiding and generating a larger ROI.

According to Statista, mobile apps generated 365.2 Billion US Dollars in year 2018, 461.7 Billion US Dollars in year 2019 and 581.9 Billion US Dollars in year 2020 via mobile app revenues. And, further mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion US Dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in app advertisement. 

2) App Listing

Launching of mobile apps for your business is not the ultimate goal but also to get your app listed on app stores. Any mobile app development company can develop a mobile app for your business with no guaranteed results of profitability and increased market share, but only a professional and competent mobile app development will not only develop a flawless mobile app but also register it over app stores such as google play store, apple play store etc. by focusing on the USP of your business/product in such a way that it not only gets your business highlighted and increases the customer reachability but also boosts your sales as well.

If you choose an experienced company, they will offer their best mobile app development services which will include, cross platform app development in iOS and android; consultation; UI/UX design and maintenance. 

3) Best user experience

The mobile app should be such that it should have an eye-catching and user-friendly UI/UX design with superior features. The mobile app experience of your customers should be unique and stimulating and so compellingly satisfying that it should ultimately lead to increased sales revenue. Only a seasoned app development company will be able to implement the very best of UI/UX features and functionalities.

What are the key considerations while hiring a mobile development company?

1. Background analysis

Before selecting any mobile app development company, you should do some background analysis by going through their business portfolio. Studying their document listing of past work is very necessary. You should ask for the mobile apps that the prospective company has already developed. You should check out those apps, their functionality, usability, user reviews, ratings, etc. Ask the prospective company questions on their expertise and check their skills; if they have the expertise in the platforms you wish to support, be it iOS or android or both. Collect reviews from past clienteles and get their feedback to form a proper opinion.

2. Domain expertise

Ensure that the prospect development company has the specialized expertise and required certifications to develop the best mobile app for your business. They should have the right expertise, knowledge, skill sets and ability to complete the mobile app development life cycle. Select a company that is experienced on projects similar to yours. Their experience and knowledge will help in generating a mobile app that will outshine your competitors and give you a niche.

3. User experience design 

A great design ensures a satisfying User Experience, which in return ensures high sales revenues. A good design is all about UI and UX i.e. User Interface and User Experience side of mobile app development. Hence, always look for a mobile app development company that offers you an app design mockup/prototype at the time of proposal which will help you in assessing their skills in providing the level of user experience design and their knowledge of your business idea and requirements. 

4. Coding standards

Ensure before hiring a mobile app development company that they are well versed and have a full expertise in the platform in which you want to launch your mobile app, be it android or iOS development or both. Additionally, you should ensure they will use the most compatible mobile app framework in case of both native and hybrid app development.

Confirm that the programming code developed by developers for your project will belong to you after the project is over. Sign a copyright agreement with the vendor to ensure the proprietary rights of the mobile app and its coding will belong to you completely including design, source code and all other contents. 

5. Testing

Testing of apps is crucial before launching the app for the public consumption to ensure the quality of the product. Ensure that the development company has a dedicated team of quality analysts who will only use the latest tools for app testing. Prior to hiring of the app development company you need to ensure that the vendor will be responsible for not only development but testing of the app; the terms and conditions & procedural layout of beta testing to resolve issues and fix bugs; and the time taken to resolve such issues should also be penned down. In doing so, the chances of misunderstandings, clashes and any duplicity are suppressed.

6. Security

Unprotected data and poor cyber security practices will lead to privacy violations, system information leaks, insecure storage, and unstable deployment, hence negatively affecting the mobile app’s life span. Therefore, you should always hire the mobile app development company that takes the issue of security gravely and offers multi layered security solutions to secure apps from malware programs, insecure data storage, SMS based attacks, insufficient cryptography, user & device authentication and other major mobile app threats.

7. Third party software integration

Third party integrations allow for integrating pre-developed features within a software code to improve overall functionality, accelerating development processes, cutting down the app development time and costs involved, in a way that product quality remains uncompromised.

With third party APIs the developers can focus on crucial functions and features without worrying about building every bit of code. Third party APIs are great for startups or companies working on limited budget and time limits.

8. Legalities

It’s important to sign a NDA or Non-disclosure agreement for copyright assignment. It’s a legal document to ensure the proprietary rights of the mobile app and its coding will belong to you completely including design, source code and all other contents. Signing an NDA protects your app idea and allows you to take a legal recourse in case of breach of any of the terms of the agreement.

9. Future proofing

Before hiring a mobile app development company, corroborate following key questions in lieu of the future concerns:

    • How do they list an app on the app store?
    • How do they handle mobile app release?
    • How do they collaborate with the client throughout the development process?
    • How do they handle your queries?
    • How do they handle customers’ and end users’ feedback?

10. Maintenance services

Ensure that the mobile app development company you have hired is ready to provide you with post mobile app development maintenance services as well. These services include app updation, design or UI/UX updation, hosting functions, customer support, bug fixing, monitoring, and refining of disarrayed elements. You might have to pay a small maintenance fee, but don’t hesitate or be a pinchpenny when it comes to it, since this small fee goes a long way in ensuring that your app works seamlessly and erroneously once the mobile app goes live.

2 thoughts on “Hiring a mobile app development company? Read this first!

  1. You got my attention when you said that you must consider checking the business portfolio of a mobile development company. As you said, this will help you do some background analysis. This is a great tip for businesses that may need a working app that could provide a user-friendly experience for the customers of a company. I could imagine how important it is to find an app developer that could provide proof of how experienced they are in their field.

  2. From your blog now I am more clear why hiring a mobile app development company is more beneficial than hiring freelancers.

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