Fintech App Development: Cost, Types, And Features

In recent years, the financial technology (Fintech) industry has experienced good growth and changed the way we handle our finances.

Fintech applications offer effortless and secure financial services at our fingertips. Hence, they have become a necessary part of our daily lives. From mobile banking to payment processing, these apps provide convenience, efficiency, and enhanced user experiences.

Hence, there is a good opportunity for companies to develop software that will improve and make the banking and financial processes easy.

So, if you’re thinking of entering this successful Fintech app development industry, then read on to learn more about the cost, types, and process of developing a Fintech app. Let’s begin with defining the Fintech application development term in more detail.

Introduction – Fintech App Development

Fintech app development services use best practices, techniques, and technologies to create financial applications for web and mobile platforms.

Fintech app developers require user experience design and financial expertise in order to develop user-friendly apps. So that they respond to customers’ financial needs efficiently. These applications are easy to access through tablets, smartphones, or other devices. Users can access account balances in real-time, view transaction history, and gain financial insights.  Also, there are many different types of Fintech apps that you may develop based on your consumer needs. Let us go through a few of them in detail below.

Types of Fintech Applications

Evidently, Fintech is a very successful sector. The growth and implementation of financial technologies have helped greatly in meeting all the basic financial needs of consumers.

Therefore, Fintech app development can be divided into a number of categories and types. So, the following are different Fintech app types and their significance.

Insurance Application

Insurance apps typically concentrate on various kinds of health, vehicles, devices, or life insurance. Their main goal is to improve the administration of insurance policies and claims procedures. Also, they aim to reduce the possibility of insurance fraud. Additionally, these apps provide the most economical insurance plans along with 24/7 responsive customer service.

Investment Application

Investment applications make it simple for customers to get instant access to all the information about their investments online. These apps specifically refer to financial services like mutual funds, stock trading, cryptocurrencies, etc.

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Banking Application

The programs that give users the ability to access banking services and products are known as banking applications.

Internet banking programs provide access to all types of financial solutions online. With the help of these apps, every banking procedure can be done online easily. Such as opening an account and requesting loans. Also, these Fintech banking apps possess the ability to resolve issues quickly and smoothly online. Hence, customers no longer have to visit the branch for any issue.

RegTech Application

It is obvious that any financial decision may have an effect on the economy and a person’s finances. Hence, the financial sector is sensitive and needs strict rules. Additionally, it needs to protect sensitive financial data from fraud and identity theft. Such as social security numbers, bank account information, and credit scores.

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Hence, Regtech apps can greatly assist financial organizations with compliance, identity management, risk monitoring, and reporting to regulators. To automate regulatory processes, Fintech app development mainly relies on advanced technologies like big data and machine learning.

Money Lending Application

Another popular application in the Fintech app design and development sector is the Money Lending app. With the help of this application, the need for middlemen like loan brokers, banks, and other financial organizations is eliminated.

Since it eliminates middlemen, the benefits are directly transferred to the end users. Hence, money lending applications are able to offer loans at lower interest rates.

Consumer Finance Applications

The next app that the Fintech app development company can consider is the consumer finance app. This application gives users the ability to make better financial decisions. Hence, users may easily manage their personal finances with the help of this app.

Additionally, these apps offer personalized experiences for a variety of financial goals. Such as tracking costs and bills, investment analysis, fraud alerts, forecasting future expenses, and others. Also, users can keep track of their spending patterns and avoid making more expenses than necessary. Hence, in order to accomplish this, these applications make use of AI and ML technologies.

So, all of the above were the main types of Fintech applications. However, if you want to build a Fintech app, you will need to know about the basic features as well. Hence, move on to the next section to know about the same in detail.

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Basic Fintech App Features

As a financial app development company, you must implement every basic feature in your app. This will ensure that it satisfies the requirements necessary to provide a good consumer experience.

So, the following are some of the essential features that you should consider in the Fintech app development process:

Registration panel:

The process of creating an account for users is made easier with a user-friendly registration tool. It guarantees security and compliance for your Fintech application.

Account creation:

You may include several important personal account features to increase user engagement. This will enable them to manage their finances, keep track of transactions, and use financial services.

Reliable payment gateway:

Users may transfer money between accounts easily and securely if your Fintech app offers a payment gateway solution.

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Finance Management:

Financial management features provide customers with total control over their finances and help them accomplish their goals.

Creating or linking bank cards:

Give your Fintech app users access to a feature that enables them to link their debit/credit cards. It provides them with one-stop access to all of their account information.

Push Notifications:

Including a push notifications feature will improve the user impression of your app. It will keep users up to date on all accounts and financial activity in real-time.

Transactions and interaction history:

Users can use this feature to get complete transparency and obtain information about their financial history.

Onboarding Process:

New users can easily and quickly onboard into your Fintech application with quick and effective onboarding enablement.


Using a chatbot to provide customer service can lower costs and improve user experience. It will enable you to have more understanding of customer requirements and help you maintain more engagement.

These all are the basic yet essential fintech app features that every financial mobile app development service should consider. However, there are many more advanced add-on features available that you may add later on the basis of user feedback.

Now, let us talk and understand the cost to build a fintech app. It is obvious that all the above features will come with a building cost. So, read ahead to understand various factors that affect the cost to build a fintech app.

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Fintech App Development Cost Affecting Factors

The cost of the Fintech app depends on a number of factors. Some of the factors that impact the cost of developing a fintech app are listed below.

App Complexity

One important factor that affects the Fintech app development cost is its complexity. It will take more time and effort to design the app if its functions and features are complex and advanced.

Complex features would demand more development resources and skills, which will increase the overall cost. Complex features include multi-factor authentication, real-time market data integration, complex analytics, or AI-powered chatbots.

UI/UX Design

A Fintech app’s success greatly depends on its design and user interface. To attract and keep users, you must invest in a well-designed user interface (UI) that offers a simple user experience.

However, producing an attractive and user-friendly app requires additional design work. Such as wireframing, iterative UI/UX testing, and prototyping. And all of these can increase the Fintech app development cost.

Development Platform

The cost of developing a Fintech app may differ depending on the platform chosen for development—Android, iOS, or cross-platform.

Developing native apps for each platform requires different development teams and codebases, which boosts up the costs. On the other hand, cross-platform development frameworks don’t require different teams and codebases. But, to ensure consistent performance across several platforms, they might require additional optimization efforts.

Tests and quality control

To ensure the reliability, usability, and security of a Fintech app, careful testing is essential. It takes time, effort, and qualified testing resources to carry out multiple testing phases. Including functional testing, security testing, performance testing, and compatibility testing across numerous devices and platforms. Hence, the total cost may differ depending on the complexity and length of the testing required.

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Wrapping-Up: Fintech App Development: Cost, Types, And Features

Developing fintech apps is an excellent way to grow your company and earn money. To succeed in this field, it is important to understand the design and development process. You must know the right path to developing an effective app amongst the competitors. Hence, we hope our Fintech app development guide helped you. Let us know your views on the same in the comments section below.

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