Top 8 Salesforce Development Tools

In this digital era, the Salesforce development platform has helped and transformed businesses of all sizes and categories. With the support of the Salesforce development framework, the proficiency to develop, scale, and ship apps faster were never this imperative before. Salesforce development tools make the development processes more easier. 

While being a wonderful asset for customer management, the Salesforce development framework also plays a major role in growing more value from the workforce and improve business productivity. This is a huge platform that is essential for a wide range of business areas such as marketing, sales, human resources, and analysis. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the advanced cloud-based solution that can significantly enhance team productivity, build a positive customer experience, promote cooperation between employees, and help to turn leads into clients.

It doesn’t matter how productive your workforce is, there is always an opportunity that can make it more efficient. One of the best approaches to attain this is by integrating Salesforce with other efficient tools. Many Salesforce development tools can help you keep your business running smoothly.

Salesforce development tools and features make it easy for users to navigate and get useful suggestions. Also, you don’t have to worry about designing or looking for special tools to carry on specific important activities. Salesforce tools are intended for numerous exercises such as emails, marketing, content management, automation, etc.

Many Salesforce development tools are being used by professionals for business development. So let’s take a look at some of the most common ones used by most developers to derive effective operations.

Ambition – Salesforce Analytic Tool

Use Salesforce Analytic Tool - Ambition, to monitor its performance
Ambition – Salesforce Analytic Tool

Ambition is a Salesforce analytic tool that is beneficial for businesses that use various platforms for data collection. It gets integrated with Salesforce and with other third-party systems effectively. So, it easily allows taking different types of data for analysis. It is the best analytic tool useful for sales management individuals. 

It helps the sales individuals to recover real-time data from phone systems, Salesforce, and other data sources. This Salesforce development tool establishes appropriate benchmarks for standard and custom Salesforce objects. With the help of this tool, sales representatives can easily get automatic updates. The Salesforce data metrics are, consequently, improved with Ambition.

Cirrus Insight – Best Salesforce Integration for G-Suite

Cirrus Insight is an outstanding Salesforce development tool beneficial for one and all. If you wish to integrate Salesforce with Gmail, then Cirrus Insight is very effective in syncing the email, calendar, and Salesforce accounts. This tool ensures that every email prospect is known and followed up through the Salesforce development framework.

This wonderful Salesforce development tool is user-friendly and any user can catch up with its features and adapt it for the essential services. Salesforce constantly upgrades its features and functionalities. So, you can simply and progressively use the innovative features for improved purposes. 

Along with real-time data sync, Cirrus Insight provides simple value-adding features like Cirrus’s Flight Plan functionality, allowing you to set up outbound email and call sequences. Templates and tracking make your representatives more productive. It showcases the best-performing emails, logs every email open, attachment clicks, meeting set, and upcoming task into Salesforce.

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Clearbit – Data Management Aid

Data management is a mandatory aspect for every company. Salesforce users can carry on the data management dealings without any difficulties with the help of a Salesforce development tool called Clearbit. It helps to authenticate and anticipate company information, social information, contact information, etc. of the Salesforce CRM account. 

Manual tasks may every so often give away errors. However, this remarkable Salesforce development tool requires only minimum manual tasks. It can display your customers’ profiles and let you know which is perfect for you. It also provides a viewpoint on the clients and helps you get an idea of which ones to carry on. An exciting feature of this data management tool is that it can incorporate with Gmail, Slack, and Drift. Thus, it can improve by providing insightful choices necessary for the business.

Drift – Salesforce Communication Tool

This Salesforce development tool is anticipated for exceptional communication. It was created by former HubSpot executives; it includes the best features such as chat user interface, forms, lead generation, and improvements. With the repeated engagement of your company prospects on the website, you can use the Drift tool. 

It helps you track and accumulate the data from the conversations within Salesforce. For companies with more transactional sales progressions, the worth that Drift provides your sales team is huge. An exclusive way to exonerate sales cycle length and take an initial conversation to close the deal as quickly as possible.

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Engagio – Sales and Marketing Tool

Engagio is known as one of the best Salesforce development tools used for sales and marketing development. It helps the sales and marketing teams to manage the accounts. It provides insights, synchronized analysis, playbooks, etc. necessary for customer-based activities. It is very beneficial for small and medium businesses.

Engagio provides your sales, marketing, and support teams a complete interface so they can tactically manage accounts. Using Salesforce as the bedrock, Engagio can offer you clear insights, clear playbooks, and clear synchronization among your customer support teams. It is valuable for any team that aims for enterprise clients.

Pardot – Marketing Automation Tool

It is the best automation tool of Salesforce used for improving marketing strategies and approaches. It is intuitive with cutting-edge automation that means it can be used for exceeding the revenue goals. It guarantees the best alignment of the sales and marketing teams. 

It allows you to make use of the present substantial resources for marketing. There are other useful Salesforce Automation tools too like HubSpot, Marketo, SalesGenius, and so on for marketing enhancement.

Guru – Content Management Tool

Guru is a great content management tool that provides additional value for Salesforce users. Content management can be troublesome for users without this outstanding Salesforce development tool. For example, sales individuals can utilize this tool for adding content to the cards, organize the sales, and find better representatives. 

Upon the action of any business procedure, the necessary content can be stored, used, and evaluated with the help of this Salesforce development tool. For sales teams who use Slack and Salesforce, the platform provides notifications that appear in Slack, the moment a prospect clicks a tracked link – an event that is, auto-logged in Salesforce.

Gong – Call recording Assistance

When it comes to analytics, call recording, and training, Gong is invincible software and complete integration with Salesforce. Gong is a Salesforce development tool that has the best sync with 

While using phone systems and web conferencing platforms, is very beneficial for sales teams. With the help of Gong, you can record, store, and evaluate the concerned conversations. It offers particular derivations like insights of the prospects, the impact of the language, etc.


Although these are the popular Salesforce development tools used these days by most companies, there are many others. The successful utilization of Salesforce development tools makes the organizations gain the best results. Once you acquire Salesforce training and start utilizing the Salesforce platform, then you will comprehend how these top Salesforce development tools are beneficial. 

A good development toolset is significant as it can allow considerable savings on faster development and lessen the cost of maintenance via enhanced code quality. Explorate Global is one of the leading Salesforce development companies that offers Salesforce consulting, execution, and managed services helping businesses enhance revenue, productivity and gain effectiveness by recognizing the full potential of the Salesforce platform.

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