8 Best USB Bootable Software for Windows/Mac

With the help of the best USB bootable software mentioned in this article, you may install OS and make backups more effectively via USB flash drives.

We all used to burn operating systems onto CDs or DVDs in the past in order to install new operating systems on PCs or create backups. While utilizing a DVD or a CD is perfectly acceptable, there are now better solutions available thanks to technological innovation. With a USB flash drive, you can now easily do the backup or installation. To boot the USB, you only need the best USB bootable software. You can start using the USB as soon as it starts to boot.

So, which of the bootable programs you can use is the best, a question now arises. Such utilities are prevalent in the market. However, a lot of customers inadvertently set up subpar software, which they subsequently become unhappy with. Therefore, we are here with the top USB bootable programs for Windows and Mac to make sure that our viewers do not experience the same problem.

The Best USB Bootable Software in 2022

Below are the best USB bootable software tools that you need to boot the USB for easily installing OS and creating backups.

1. Rufus

When it comes to the best USB bootable software for Windows, the name of Rufus cannot be skipped. With this open-source freeware, you can easily boot the USB to install an OS. In addition to this, it also lets you make the USB usable for various other purposes, such as running low-level tools.

This is not all. With this free USB bootable software for Windows, you can even alter the partition schemes, file system, and cluster size. Moreover, it also lets you check the USB drive so that bad blocks if any, can be eliminated. The cherry on top of the cake is a portable USB bootable utility.


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2. UNetBootin

Only Linux can be booted from a drive using UNetBootin. The benefit of UNetBootin is that you can either install the Linux distribution from within or use an ISO file to make a bootable disc. You can reserve some space when making bootable media for the Ubuntu distribution so that files are preserved through reboots. When you wish to install software on live bootable drives, this functionality is extremely helpful.

In conclusion, you should give UNetBootin a try if you’re seeking simple software that can easily produce bootable Linux USB devices.


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3. Universal USB Installer

As it is evident from the name, this best USB bootable Pendrive software allows you to create all kinds of bootable USBs. With this utility, you can create multiple types of bootable USBs for Windows, Linux, antivirus rescue drives, and other such bootable drives.

Moreover, it has a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface. All that you need to do to make a bootable USB is, choose OS from the drop-down menu, pick the ISO file, and lastly, click on install. The best part is, with this free USB bootable software for Windows, you can even create bootable USBs with persistence storage.


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Universal USB Installer and YUMI are both the brainchildren of the same developer. But, unlike the former, this best USB bootable software lets you create a multiboot USB drive. The multiboot USBs let you install multiple OS, antivirus, and other such tools.

We can call YUMI a successor of Universal USB Installer. This is so because, unlike the latter, it allows you to backup essential files within reboots with persistent storage.


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5. Etcher

This entrant on our list is also among the best bootable USB tools for Mac as well as Windows. With this software, you can transform your USB drive into a bootable drive in just a few simple steps. This is an open-source application that makes it uncomplicated for you to create a bootable USB drive. Currently, the free version has only limited features, but in the coming updates, the developers are planning to allow the usage of a live USB drive as a hard drive.


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6. RMPrepUSB

Here comes feature-rich, customizable, and best USB bootable Pendrive software for Windows. It offers a lot of features and options to delight users. Some of them include customizable bootloaders, QEMU emulators, and file systems.

Another good thing about this free USB bootable software for Windows is that it does not require you to reboot the system. With this software, you can create a bootable USB drive without even rebooting the system. In addition to this, it lets you install bootloaders such as grub4dos, bootmbr, and more.


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7. DiskMaker X

This is among the best bootable USB tools for Mac that can be used with different versions of macOS. With this software, you can create a bootable install disk in just a few simple steps. It even allows you to fully reinstall the OS and install different macs without redownloading the whole installer.


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8. Windows USB/DVD Tool

If you want to create both USB as well as DVD bootable drives effortlessly, then this is among the best bootable software. The tool is fairly easy to use. You just need to insert a USB/DVD, select ISO, and click on Next. Three steps, and you are done. Isn’t this amazing? Surely it is.

However, looking at the not-so-rosy picture, this best bootable software lacks some of the advanced customization and optimization features such as checking for bad blocks.


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The best USB bootable software to make bootable USB devices was listed above. These USB flash drives can be used to install operating systems and create backups. Additionally, you can use these USB drives again to store documents, videos, and other media. Last but not least, remember to sign up for our updates before you go for additional details.

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