12 Benefits of Dot Net Framework for Developing Business Applications

With the tough competition going on and the trend to deliver something innovative for the users, web development companies are now concentrating on using cutting-edge technologies to build custom applications. To develop any application, the very first thing you need to understand is the nature of your business to deploy the application which is appropriate for your business. 

And the second most important thing to consider is the choice of the best technology platform for the development process. With the constant change and demand in the technology marketplace, Microsoft created Asp.Net Framework to develop feature-rich websites and web applications. Active server pages or ASP is the perfect platform for building high-end applications. 

Dot Net framework is the best server-side scripting technology where Windows web server is used to host ASP.NET websites and web applications. The Introduction of ASP by Microsoft corporation is one of the greatest achievements to come across the market demand of dynamic web pages which can be seen on different web browsers. With the Dot Net framework, you can build reliable and reusable applications. 

The Dot Net framework is an extremely popular one and comparatively easy for the ASP.Net developers to build compelling ASP.Net applications by using Visual Studio. Well, the best part is, it is not only limited to ASP but also gives the advantage to the ASP.Net developers to make use of other programming languages like C#, VB, etc.

Before proceeding further let’s discuss what is Dot Net framework?

What is Dot Net Framework?

Dot Net (pronounced as .NET) is a free, open-source software development framework created by Microsoft. It offers programming tools and guiding principles you can use to develop an extensive range of applications for the web, mobile devices, desktops, Internet of Things (IoT), and game development. Since Microsoft released the first version in 2002, web developers and businesses have used the Dot Net Framework to build form-based and web-based applications.

The Dot Net Framework includes a large class library termed the Framework Class Library (FCL) and the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which allows software applications developed on the platform interoperability across various programming languages. With the Dot Net Framework, developers can build and run software applications for Windows, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, and XML Web services on a single integrated development environment.

The prime focus of the Dot Net framework was to remove the major challenges of application development, such as high ownership expenses, ease of deployment, difficulty in changing applications, and extended development periods. The CLR and FCL addressed lots of these issues.

Benefits Of Dot Net Framework For Business Application Development

The success or failure of any project or product is decided by its return on investment. Both the profits and time are important aspects of calculating ROI. The following features of Dot Net facilitate the reduction of developing and operational costs for an effective IT organization.

Requires less coding and  Increased Reuse of Code

This framework works on object-oriented programming which removes unnecessary codes and includes less coding for the ASP.NET developers. The Dot Net framework consists of reusable code and several reusable components. This turns into less time and subsequently less cost to develop applications.

Use for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Asp dot net framework is used for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The Dot Net framework is often used for Web Services, which is a solution for implementing an SOA strategy. Through Web Services, applications that are designed in different programming languages or platforms can communicate and transfer data using standard Internet protocols.


With features like no-impact applications, controlled code sharing, private components, partially trusted code, and side-by-side versioning, the Dot Net framework makes deployment easier post-development. The code execution environment helps safe code execution for reduced conflicts in software deployment and versioning which minimize performance issues of scripted or interpreted environments.

Safety  and Security 

Since the beginning, Dot Net development services have been preserved as a challenging technological framework in numerous organizations. From government organizations to MNCs, the dot net development structure has worked as an associate info security framework. 

Furthermore, for software development ASP.NET framework and net APIs like SQL Server and Azure DocumentdB, a formidable technological system will be utilized for several industries, along with, finance, digital marketing, and education. 

The Dot Net framework provides enhanced application security as internet software is developed by ASP.NET which contains Windows validation and configuration. There are two advanced features – Managed code and CLR which provide an additional safety option like code access security and role-based security.

Use across Platforms and Languages

Many Dot Net Development Companies allow developers to build applications for browsers, desktops, mobile phone browsers, or an application operating on the personal organizations. The .NET framework is promoted as a language-independent system, which means that development can take place in several compliant languages that involve managed C++, C#, VB.NET, IronPython, Visual COBOL, IronRuby, and much more.

Vast and Viable

When it comes to the quality of the Dot Net framework, it offers additional versatility and flexible mobile application development. In fact, the wide range of communities of the .NET framework has developed numerous projects to foster the connection between websites and mobile devices.

Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL), a structural database for mobile phones which has the name, type, sort and variant of the browser, dimension of the screen, and many other additional features is the flagship project for this set of Dot Net framework. 

This collection of data provides ASP.NET developers and a mobile and web development company additional information regarding the mobile traffic of their website. This database can be easily incorporated into any Dot Net project.

In general, it’s eminent that Dot Net supported mobile applications deliver unbelievable user experiences and assist all kinds of companies in enhancing the use across different Platforms and Languages. 


ASP dot NET MVC development
ASP.NET MVC development

ASP.NET MVC development services offer you robust, patterns-based progress to build dynamic sites that permits clean segregation of considerations, which delivers you full control over markup for amiable, agile development. Dot Net MVC development includes several options that modify fast, TDD-friendly development for building refined applications that use the most recent internet standards.

Advanced UI Controls

The Microsoft Dot Net framework offers high user interface (UI) controls. Not just it has an intense set of in-built UI controls. But, it also facilitates third-party UI controls like Telerik. Telerik application provides options like drag-and-drop that help lesser development time with larger user expertise and improved visual effects and program. 

Cross-platform Support

When it comes to web application development, you need to ensure that it is supported by all the platforms. The latest ASP.NET core software is a cross-platform development framework that allows to build easy web application that runs smoothly on OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

For example, Flutter Development framework is used to build an iOS app, and then the same principle can be utilized to create an Android application

Cloud-Based Web Application Development Support

In this modern digital era, if you are running a business, it’s better to have a cloud-based setup. The reason behind this is the ASP.NET framework offers various kinds of .NET development services as well as IoT services. Many Dot Net development companies offer customized .NET development services as it is the finest solution to fulfill business needs. Also, the platform is easy to understand, and application management is easy.

Integration with Legal Systems

The ability of the Dot Net framework to precede all kinds of XML documents and write in any type of format of the file with pace and ease gives various routes for integration.

Quick development

The Dot Net framework allows the fast and simple development of applications. Microsoft .NET applications are easily deployed on any Microsoft server. The Dot Net framework facilitates one-time setup creation to deploy applications faster.


As we have seen several advantages of the .NET framework for application development. The .NET development framework is a reliable, safe, and beneficial platform using which you can build ultimate business applications. It allows .NET developers to apply, expand, and scale excellent software, for both economic development and general business prosperity.

Asp.NET development services provide endless benefits for different problems such as security, memory management, phenomenal handling, etc. The .NET framework is an exciting and future dominating technology, appropriate for building robust web applications. Since most organizations search for a unique business solution to assist consumers in the best possible way, you can contact Explorate Global, a leading .NET development company in the USA, for the best services.

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