Top 8 Payment Gateways in the USA for Ecommerce Businesses

Online payment gateways have gained popularity ever since the massive evolution of the internet and online shopping. Integrating these payment gateways in eCommerce development is essential in the present scenario.

According to one of the surveys, around 7 out of 10 Americans have shopped online and by 2021 there will be around 230.5 million American shoppers. Also, the share of eCommerce in the USA has climbed to 16.1% in 2020  which was 10.8% in 2019.

Most people nowadays depend mainly on online shopping sites to buy everything they need. Therefore, E-commerce platforms need to integrate the best payment gateways in the USA to make their communication with customers faster and simple. Privacy is the vital feature that is compulsory for a payment gateway and replacing physical money is the key purpose.

To handle such kinds of transactions on online platforms, businesses need fast, secure, and effective payment gateways in the USA. The best payment gateways in the USA help to gain trust and guarantee the reliability of your brand to your customers. But how do you know which payment gateway is the best? Worry not. We have listed some of the best payment gateways in the USA.

8 Payment Gateways to Integrate for Online Businesses in the USA

A fast, efficient, and secure payment gateway will help you simplify your online business to achieve the goals and objectives. We have listed some of the best payment gateway providers in the USA. So, let’s get started.


Stripe: Payment Gateways in the USA

Stripe is one of the prominent players in the online payment gateway business. Stripe is an API-based cloud payment gateway provider in the USA. The range of APIs offered by Stripe provides merchants complete control over what payment method they want to integrate. It offers features like consolidated checkout, recurring payments, mobile interface, custom UI toolkit, technical support, and many more. 

Also, it is one of the safest and PCI-compliant payment gateways in the USA. It offers several payment platforms to bill customers, set up a marketplace, or accept payments. Subscription packages automate the payment processes and help the users. Stripe promises data security and keeps up the highest business standards and also keeps the payment process fast and simple.

Incorporating Stripe into your e-commerce business will enhance optimization rates and take the reach to global users. Recently a new update has brought in a lending feature to offer loans to its users to make the economy smoother.


PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways in the USA that offers services across the globe. PayPal’s payment gateway for businesses supports 100+ currencies which makes it the best payment gateway in the USA for global transactions. Accompanied by PCI compliant, PayPal offers express checkout, barcode scanning, mobile card reader, bill me later, credit card reader, and countless other features.

Ease of interaction and Quick sign-up and are some of the features which make PayPal promising among the users. PayPal is free for customers and can use a debit or credit card for their purchase. No setup fees, gateway fees, or monthly fees are necessary. With PayPal Safety is guaranteed. 

Authorize.Net is one of the most popular payment gateways in the USA and best suited for small businesses. If you already own a merchant bank account, then their payment gateway the only way out is the economical payment gateway in the USA. Established in 1996, has a top-notch infrastructure and offers innovative processes for fraud security.

Their varied range of services includes every possible payment method to suit your e-commerce business. It has an inbuilt account updater and electronic check processor that make the payment process more effortless & flexible. It is also a popular payment gateway in other countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay: Payment Gateways in the USA
Amazon Pay

Amazon began payment services back in 2007 for its customer base to transact effortlessly on its platform. And since then it turns out to be one of the most promising payment gateways in the USA. It not only permits customers to pay merchants on Amazon but its users can also pay securely on external websites and apps. 

Users can make payments through their Amazon account without walking out the shopping window. Integrating Amazon Pay as a checkout option will raise the probabilities of transactions and lower cart rejection. Amazon Pay offers payment services in 18+ countries with support for processing multi-currencies. 

In 2019, Amazon Pay associated with WorldPay to allow its clients to incorporate Amazon Pay for accepting payments. The payment gateway is loaded with loads of wonderful features that attract users to shop and pay using Amazon Pay. Since Amazon is an e-commerce website, the payment gateway is intended to resolve every possible payment challenge the user might come across. 


2Checkout or 2CO is also one of the well-known payment gateways in the USA which was recently acquired by VeriFone. VeriFone is a renowned and worldwide leader in commerce & payment solutions. Both 2Checkout and VeriFone have the same vision to offer streamlined & latest commerce solutions as well as allow effortless payment. 

After the acquisition, both have the advantages of financial strength, relationships, scalability, resources, and market perspective. 2CheckOut creates digital sales simpler and is an all-in-one monetization platform that amplifies revenue. With 2CheckOut privacy and data security are guaranteed. 

The payment gateway from 2CO can accept payments from 200+ countries. With support for 29+ languages, 2checkOut can process payments in 100 currencies which makes it a standard choice of businesses in the USA. 


PaySimple is a new-age payment gateway provider in the USA. This is a SaaS-based platform that aims to strengthen small and medium eCommerce businesses. Their payment solutions are very beneficial especially for multichannel retailers to accept online and in-store payments. PaySimple’s payment gateway provides customers with a fast and stress-free method to pay.

This latest payment gateway in the USA accepts almost all credit cards and e-check payments. It can also manage customer profiles proficiently, modernize billing with recurring billing, a mobile app for payments, PCI DSS compliance, etc. The only cache is that it is only for industries based in the USA.


SecurePay is one of the most secure and safe payment gateways in the USA. It is a product of an OLB Group which is a prominent merchant service and mobile app development company. The SecurePay payment gateway addresses all the requirements for eCommerce to associate with the merchant’s online store and their secure servers for making payments.

SecurePay is a PCI compliant payment solution that securely processes, transfers & collects card data for payments. It is built with reliability, safety, and innovation which makes it a dependable choice for merchants. It also provides features like recurring billing, 24/7 customer support, API support, and a fraud safeguard system.


Lastly on our list of payment gateways in the USA is BlueSnap. It provides an all-in-one payment solution that helps to promote B2B/B2C commerce. It is best suited for small businesses to even big enterprises that require online payment processing incorporated into their system. BlueSnap strives to deliver an enhanced approach to accept payments, design customer experience, and nurture your business.

BlueSnap payment gateway provides online along with mobile sales, marketplaces, invoice payments, automatic account receivable, subscriptions, etc. It also consists of 100 types of payment choices including support for digital wallets. BlueSnap has advanced fraud protection & prevention measures to safeguard sales.


Having an effective payment gateway for your eCommerce mobile app checkout cart has become a necessity for businesses. So, choosing the best payment gateways in the USA is the challenge every startup entrepreneur has to face.

While there are numerous other choices on the market for payment gateways, it’s significant to choose for a business leader to be on the safer side. You should sensibly evaluate your requirements and then look for the best payment gateway that fits your business needs and that serves your store in the long run.

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