Top 12 ASP.NET Development Tools For Developers

For any business, in addition to hiring .Net developers, choosing the right ASP.NET development tools is equally important to build an enterprise-level web application. ASP.NET is a crucial programming language for web application development, as it is safe, robust, and easy to implement. 

As an open-source technology, the .NET programming language is used by numerous .NET developers worldwide for web application development. Due to this, it has increased the utilization of different third-party ASP.NET Development Tools. These third-party tools provide the best support to .NET developers at the time of website development.

These ASP.NET development tools empower developers to build intuitive applications and enhance productivity. However, as a rule, developers need to research a lot to find out which ASP.NET development tools will work best. But selecting the right tool is a long and tedious process. 

Therefore, to help save your time, we have listed some of the best .Net Development Tools that every .Net developer should have in their arsenal. In addition, this blog will help you choose tools that dot net developers widely support.

Top 12 ASP.NET Development Tools

1. Visual Studio

Visual Studio - Top ASP.NET Development Tools
Visual Studio – Top ASP.NET Development Tools

At the top of the list is Microsoft Visual Studio, the most popular software used by numerous Dot net development companies worldwide. Developers use a well-known ASP.NET development tool to build portable applications and web applications with the .NET programming language. In addition to standard coding, it also deals with large-scale programming progressions. It is, therefore, one of the top .Net development tools.

According to a recent report, over 41 million live websites use the .NET programming language during their development stage, contributing to a growth in demand for this software. Moreover, by strengthening the website’s visual studio with extensions like Intellisense, alternate task ways, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, etc., as an enhancer, this service becomes essential to put recorded material as a hard copy and troubleshoot code quickly.

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2. ReSharper

Professional .NET developers prefer ReSharper for transformations. Not only does this device help .NET developers in the execution of direct code analysis, but it also provides multiple functional solutions and enables automated code refactoring. Thus, it is one of the most reliable ASP.NET Development Tools.

ReSharper, from JetBrains, offers over 450 setup tasks and 60 refactoring modes. The .NET developers will find ReSharper a handy yet straightforward tool that is very practical for quickly completing their .NET application development projects. Additionally, it is very effective for those who are still in the learning phase.

3. LINQ Pad

LINQPad is a lightweight extension that is considered unconnected when in use. Therefore, any speck of a .NET developer can verify the efficiency of the .NET. With this one stage, LINQ questions and C#/F#/VBA programs can be tested.

It is standard because its features make it exclusive, such as output formatting, coordinated investigation, and discretionary auto-finishing. In addition to writing quick snippets of code, LINQPad is used for testing interactively 100 times faster than Visual Studio. Furthermore, it has a step-by-step debugging experience, so it feels a lot like the IDE.

4. NuGet

NuGet is a Microsoft-supported mechanism for sharing code that describes how packages for .NET are created, simplified, and expanded. In addition, .NET developers can access third-party libraries and create or share their own devices.

As the most extensive database of outer segments for .NET, NuGet has over 98,000 bundles accessible. This improvement makes it possible to regroup and physically work on dark streams. In addition, The .NET developers can also use NuGet packages to share code exclusively to a business or a group since it supports private hosts and the public host. 

Additionally, you can use NuGet packages as a suitable method to factorize your code for use only in your projects. NuGet packages are shareable units of code, but they don’t require or involve any particular sharing method.

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It would be a good idea to have ASP.NET Development Tools such as ELMAH troubleshooting and log errors if someone wants to add a site that works with errors. This error logging module, created by Google, helps .NET developers identify gaps in their code with this tool. Also, add it to the device to a running ASP.NET web application without reorganizing data or changing.

6. NDepend

NDepend is a static analysis ASP.NET Development Tool. The tool supports many code metrics, allowing visualizing dependencies using focused graphs and dependency matrix. By using a few measurements, it helps .NET developers improve their codes. Likewise, this static analysis tool is invaluable for representing code layout and testing the work specified by the IDE.

NDepend offers a custom questioning language designed for .NET developers to analyze how connected their application is and how well they are following best practices for developing ASP.NET web applications.

7. Fiddler

Fiddler is hard to ignore when it comes to various ASP.NET development tools and advancements. It allows the dissemination of dynamic information networks  based on personalized visualization and supports personalization functionalities

It’s a Telerik product and uses it between administrations and captures all correspondence.

It captures network traffic between the Internet and test computers. You can use it to debug web applications. You can use this tool to monitor and modify incoming and outgoing data before passing it to the browser.

In addition, Fiddler has a powerful scripting subsystem and can be easily extended with .NET Framework language extensions. A local.html file of the test site can be done offline to troubleshoot issues with the client-side ASP.NET web application using Fiddler. In addition, these tools can be used to create offline images of an offline browsing session, which can then be conditioned and analyzed for more detailed debugging information.

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8. .NET Reflector

NET Reflector is a class browser, decompiler, and static analyzer for software built with .NET Framework, originally written by Lutz Roeder. The .NET developers can use this vital tool to troubleshoot .NET code, just like outer segments without comments or documentation. It also provides information about what the code contains and when it is decompiled.

With .NET Reflector’s extensible API, you can modify the tool to meet your particular requirements. Other tools can also leverage the unmatched decompilation and disassembly capabilities of the .NET Reflector to boost their own abilities. The best part is that creating your own add-on is easy.

9. JSON Formatter

The JSON format is more straightforward than the IDE’s ability to create JSON documents, although most IDEs can organize JSON documents. Furthermore, JSON data is likewise hard to use again, which is why this device visibly manages JavaScript Object Notation, thus making troubleshooting easier. Finally, the device delivers a concise, logical output in JSON format to the .NET software engineers. 

10. GitHub Desktop

By integrating it with any Git Vault, GitHub offers customers a similar cross-sectional view. The tool is in the top 10 due to its capabilities as a tool, its perceptual properties, and the scope of highlights it provides, including support for image differences, strong local support, and extensive editorial management capabilities. Plus, this plugin doesn’t care about API tokens residing near you, making it even better.

11. Postman

The Postman tool checks several APIs and determines whether the output is correctly structured,  reliable and whether correct results are obtained. It also determines how long the API takes to retrieve the data. Many other tools are developed based on the best-approved ones. Due to the below benefits of this .NET tool, a more comprehensive range of processes that have been possible can be removed, saving time to a greater extent:

    • A structured and organized method of storing data.
    • Delivers efficient system integrations.
    • Logic implementation is effortless.
    • Testing quickly and correctly.
    • Share sources of code.
    • Other resources are accessible as well

12. SQL Server

In relational database management systems such as SQL, The applications store and retrieve data when an external software application requests. Hence, it finds its use in many places for its benefits, like installation through a setup wizard. 

This saves time when installing other prerequisites or dependencies because the installer automatically carries out these tasks. In addition, it eliminates the problem of a complex installation. The following benefits of the SQL Server will help us evaluate why this is the widely used ASP.NET Development Tool.

  • Extended Security: SQL servers can discover security policies using policy-based management that are not compliant. As a result, only certified users can access the database. We can also promptly report our Security audits to the log files to maintain them correctly.
  • Improved Performance: With an MS SQL server, users can eliminate the requirement to write individual programs for encryption by using the encryption and compression feature that’s integral.
  • Excluded Ownership Cost: Database management and exploration make it easier for SQL Server to manage disk partitioning. In addition, the following data management practices guarantee maintenance, accessibility, and optimal reuse of the server.


There is a wide array of ASP.NET development tools that .Net developers use for application development. You can pick the ASP.NET tools for your project based on the requirements. However, ensure the selected tools facilitate completing your ASP.NET development projects within the scheduled time frame and without bugs. In addition to choosing the right set of tools, follow the right software development approach using ASP.NET for enterprise web application development.

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