Best Youtube Comment Finders in 2023

In the ever-expanding world of YouTube, comments are important for engaging with viewers and creating a lively community around your videos.

Whether you’re a content creator or a dedicated viewer, you know how important it is to keep track of and manage comments effectively.

Hence, to make this task easier for you and provide valuable insights, we have compiled a list of the top 6 best YouTube comment finders in 2023.

These tools are designed to help you go through the sea of comments and find interesting and valuable contributions. Also, to interact with your audience more efficiently. So, let’s get started and explore these innovative YouTube comment viewers!

List of 6 Best Youtube Comment Finders

If you wish to search YouTube comments by keywords among thousands of comments on your video, then go through the below list of different comment finder tools.

1. YouTube Comment Finder (YT Comment Finder)

YT Comment Finder is one of the internet’s easiest and most user-friendly tools for finding YouTube comments. The program is free to use and delivers amazing results in a short period of time.

You may view the basic details about a YouTube video or channel using YTComment. Moreover, the YTComment tool is really easy to use.

All you have to do is visit their website, copy the YouTube video UR and paste it into their search bar. Then, enter the search term you wish to use. Then, you will receive a list of all comments related to that term or any of its synonyms.

Additionally, you will have the option to limit results on each search option by relevance or time (how recently). This will help you learn more about what’s most significant and whether it’s important right now or not.

YouTube Comment Finder

Visit YT Comment Finder

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2. YouTube Comment Search (YCS) Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome plugin called YCS – YouTube Comment Search enables you to perform a content-based search.

It includes a search of comments, replies, chat transcripts, and YouTube comments for the currently playing video. It has the most extensive range of features for everything as one of the best YouTube comment finders. Moreover, this YouTube first like and comment finder is very simple to use.

All you have to do is go to the Chrome Store and download the YCS extension. To install it, follow the instructions that appear. Then, when it is correctly installed, the YCS will appear in your browser’s right-hand corner.

Moreover, the best thing about using this extension is that it automatically appears while playing a YouTube video. Hence, you don’t have to click it every time you want to search YouTube comments.

With YCS, you may use a keyword to search through a video’s comments. Also, you may filter via video transcripts, replies to comments, chat replays, time stamps, author commentary, and more.

YouTube Comment Search

Get YCS Chrome Extension

3. Hadzy

Popular YouTube comment finder Hadzy is at the top of the list for a variety of reasons. This first comment finder on YouTube does more than just finding comments. Such as it also enables you to categorize, sort, and examine them.

You can use Hadzy’s search box to paste a URL link from a YouTube video. Then, simply select the “paste on the clipboard” option. This will enable you to read all of the YouTube comments made on any particular video.

Moreover, with the comments feature, you may view comments with engagement levels and time stamps. Beyond that, you can still conduct a search for particular authors or keywords.

It also offers the choice of selecting a comment at random for use in your marketing or as the winner of any competition.

Additionally, Hadzy has a few unique but helpful features, such as the ability to view statistics. Using this function, you can keep a record of each comment based on trending keywords and the most often-asked queries by followers.

Additionally, this YouTube comment viewer enables you to monitor a variety of comment-related information. Such as the time and date of the comment, the user’s profile information, and the list.


Visit Hadzy

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4. YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio allows you to watch all of the comment activity on your channel and get a notification when new comments are made.

This makes it simple to view any and all comments on YouTube within the dashboard for your own YouTube channel.

Additionally, this YouTube live comment viewer requires just a few steps to use. Simply log into your YouTube profile and go to the comments section on the left side of the screen. Also, if you’re looking for a particular comment, you may use the search bar.

You can even search comments that contain questions. This again makes giving your audience value much simpler because you can respond to their questions immediately.

Hence, this YouTube comment finder allows you to filter and display only question-based comments. Hence, this will let you know which topics your audience is interested in. Also, it might help you come up with ideas for new content.

YouTube Studio

Get YouTube Studio

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5. YouTube First Comment Finder

Though YouTube provides settings to notify users of the first comment on a YT video, performing so is a lengthy procedure that is only available to the creator. However, you’re only a click away to do so with the help of YouTube First Comment Finder.

The website has a special feature—a tutorial—that no other YouTube comment finder has. Additionally, this guide makes it simple for new users to learn the user interface. And also to locate the first and most liked comment on a YouTube video.

Moreover, the users can also view the comments that were posted on specific dates. You may go to this YouTube first 10 comment finder’s official website. And then paste the YouTube video’s URL into the search field.

The next step is to click “Get Video” and wait while the website completes your task. When the website has fully loaded, you can view the first comment for your chosen video in the right-hand corner. Also, you may even see the comment’s content and the date it was posted.

YouTube First Comment Finder

Try YouTube First Comment Finder

6. Show YouTube Comments While Watching Extension

This Chrome extension enables you to see comments whenever they are made live on YouTube videos instantly. “Show YouTube comments While Watching” shows comments in a side panel.

Additionally, you may filter them based on a variety of factors including replies, popular comments, and even the newest comments. Moreover, this eliminates the annoying back-and-forth scrolling between the video and the comments while watching a YouTube video.

Additionally, this YouTube comment finder immediately responds to the comments and questions that are most relevant to you. Hence, this may increase viewer engagement.

Furthermore, every time YouTube makes modifications to the user interface, the comments area will likewise be modified.

Show YouTube Comments While Watching Extension

Get Show YouTube Comments While Watching

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Closing Lines: 6 Best Youtube Comment Viewers in 2023

To conclude, these were a few of the top YouTube Comment Finder programs that can make the procedure of searching comments on any YouTube video easier and quicker. Also, using one of the comment finders mentioned above can make it easier for you to get the desired results and increase your engagement. As a result, you’ll have a better idea of what people want to see, and you can base your content creation on that. Share your views on the same with us in the comments section below.

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