Top 6 Game Boosters for Android Gamers

There’s a chance that you won’t like playing games on Android because of how well they run. Even though a game’s performance depends on the hardware of a device, there are still a number of ways to improve gaming on Android.

Games with less graphic detail might not be a problem, but when it comes to Android game booster apps, you need the best. There are many paid and free game optimizers for Android that can make a big difference in how well games run on your device. We have put together a list of the best Android apps that speed up games so you can save time.

6 Game Booster for Android Gamers to Boost Gaming Experience

Here we have listed some of the best game boosters for Android gamers. These apps are capable enough to provide you hassle-free gaming experience.

1. Nox Cleaner – Phone Cleaner, Booster, Optimizer

Nox Cleaner is not an application that is primarily designed for optimizing games. It is a phone cleaner and optimizer app that also comes with a feature to boost games. Despite not being a pure game booster, Nox Cleaner provides quite effective game optimization.

You can use it to optimize some of your favorite games like PUBG, and hence it can be considered as one of the best game boosters for PUBG mobile. Along with boosting games, Nox Cleaner also provides various other features such as junk cleaning, improving battery life, CPU cooling, etc. All these features make it the best game optimizer for android.

Features of Nox Cleaner:

  • Integrated cache, junk, and storage cleaners
  • Improves the performance as well as provides extra storage
  • Integrated antivirus to protect your device from virus and other threats
  • Cools down the CPU of your device
  • Helps in blocking the notifications while playing games


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2. Gaming Mode – Game Booster PRO

Gaming Mode is a compact yet effective game optimized for Android. It is unbelievable that this game booster offers so many features despite being so compact. First of all, it optimizes the gaming performance of your device. Along with that, it can also block incoming calls while you play games. Isn’t it amazing? We all have ended up in a situation where we are about to win the match but suddenly received a call because of which we ended up on the losing side.

It happens usually with the people who play online multiplayer games such as PUBG. But with Gaming Mode, you can save yourself from this situation. It can be the best game booster for PUBG mobile players. Along with this, Gaming Mode also provides features such as configuring brightness settings, widgets to launch games, blocking notifications, etc. All these features make Gaming Mode one of the best game boosters for Android.

Features of Gaming Mode:

  • Automatically blocks incoming calls and notifications while playing games
  • Closes background apps and services to provide better gaming speed
  • Turns off auto-brightness to adjust it according to your needs
  • Fixes high pining
  • Changes the state of Wifi automatically to provide the best speed for gaming


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3. Game Booster: Game Launcher

Game Booster is one of the oldest game boosting applications for Android. It is in 2009 and is still a great choice if you want to optimize the gaming performance of your phone. It has been one of the top-rated game boosters for Android since a long ago. The app can provide you with multiple features. It can help you with optimizing your phone’s CPU and RAM to have a great gaming experience.

It comes with an advanced Linux CPU management that helps your Android device to attain its maximum performance. Hence, if you want to play heavy games then, you can consider it as one of the best game boosters for Android to play PUBG and many other heavy games. However, if you want to enjoy more advanced features like the FPS monitor, then you must have to root your device and use this game booster android app.

Features of Game Booster:

  • You can use the app to improve the speed of any game or app
  • Stops lagging and flickering of games
  • Optimizes your device’s memory to provide the best performance
  • It has an interactive user interface
  • Has a real-time FPS monitor to monitor your device performance

Game-Booser Play-Games-Faster

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4. Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is a well-known Android game booster app. It has a few unique features that aren’t seen in other RAM Booster and Android Cleaner apps. It contains a Ranking System module, which enables users to understand their overall rank in relation to how well they care for and utilize their smartphones.

You will soon have a lower ranking if your device is filled with superfluous files and extraneous objects. Therefore, the main objective is to raise your ranking every day and clear the device caches for optimal performance. It is a powerful Android game optimizer.

Features of Droid Optimizer:

  • enhances phone performance.
  • Boost the game applications’ speed.
  • Users enjoy their cleaning experience.
  • No advertising.

Droid optimizer

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5. Dr. Booster – Boost Game Speed

The first name on our list of some best game booster apps is Dr. Booster. It is a multi-purpose game optimizer tool. The app can free up space on your RAM so that there is more space on the RAM for the mobile game that you play. You don’t even need to open the app to boost games, as it provides a floating boost button.

This one of the best game optimizers for android can perform real-time optimization while you are playing a game. Along with boosting games, Dr. Booster also provides you security from malware threats. It scans new applications while you install them. You can also move this game booster app to your SD card if you don’t have enough space on your phone.

Features of Dr. Booster:

  • Cleans all the cache from your device
  • Helps in managing your storage
  • Have a lot of customization options
  • Flexible to use
  • The most suitable for devices that lag and flicker


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6. Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster

Last but not least, we have Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster. This one of the best game optimizers for Android has been developed by Photo Tools Lab. It is considered the most intuitive game boosting app. Game Booster – One Tap Advanced Speed Booster can optimize your device for gaming with just one tap. It functions as a game optimizer and an app launcher as well.

The app also provides some advanced features including, resolution customization, FPS limit customization, etc. In short, it provides advanced GFX features. Due to so many features and an intuitive interface, the app can be considered the best game booster for Android.

Features of Game Booster:

  • Automatically improve the speed by working on CPU and RAM
  • Includes a graphic customization tool to change the graphic properties of games
  • Frees up space on your phone automatically to provide a better gaming experience
  • Simple procedure to boost performance
  • Powerful management of games and other apps


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Game Booster for Android

If you still have some doubts and queries, we would like your attention towards some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q.1 What does the game booster do?

As the name suggests, the main purpose of any game booster is to improve the gaming experience for you. These apps clear caches, cool down CPU, optimize RAMs, and execute other tasks to provide the best gaming experience.

Q.2 Does Android Game Booster really work?

Yes, indeed, most Android game boosters work properly. However, some developers may create malware or ransomware applications to collect your data secretly. You should be ahead of such outsiders and download the trusted Android game boosters only. We have provided the best free game booster for android above, choose and download from any of these apps as per your requirements.

Wrapping Up: Top 5 Game Booster Applications For Android Gamers

We’ve put together a list of the Best Android Apps for Gaming Boosters. It has everything you need to improve your games. So, we hope that our list of the best  gaming booster apps will stop you from saying that you can’t enjoy fast games with high-tech graphics. Most importantly, boosters will make your games better. Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have any other ideas or want to add to the list above.

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