4 Salesforce Performance Optimization Tips To Follow

Page loading time plays a significant role in a great user experience. Slow Salesforce performance can be annoying for users and a drain on industry resources. This is particularly true for CRM platforms like Salesforce, as they include a large quantity of data, several pages, workflows, etc. All of that combined, adds to the page loading time. 

If you have been using the Salesforce development services, you must have come across a lot of expressions on Lightning Experience’s speed and effectiveness. By optimizing Salesforce Lightning pages, their performance can realize an ultimate improvement. 

Salesforce is the most popular cloud software among companies for customer relationship management (CRM). With the Salesforce development platform, companies can form superior connections with partners and potential customers. Companies also utilize the Salesforce development environment to market to customers, monitor customer activity, and carry out many other useful activities.

It is evident that Salesforce performance is not only crucial for user experience but to your brand also. Customers don’t care why the self-service portal is not functioning, why the service team doesn’t resolve their case, or why the sales representative fails to get in touch with them within the agreed time frame. The customer expects that everything will go efficiently.

Therefore, we would like to reiterate the top 4 solutions for optimizing Salesforce performance. Let’s comprehend how this will work.

Get rid of Unnecessary Pages and Classes

The major reason behind the poor performance of Lightning pages was the massive amount of related records that were existing inside it. For example, if you click on a particular “opportunity,” all the extra information associated with that opportunity will open up. 

The users do not need a lot of this information. Since these extra records and pages increase the loading time, it is best to remove them from under the objects. This will reduce the load on the server and the duration for page loading will drop significantly.

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Remove And Separate VF Pages

Separating information or data into different tabs can help in page optimization. Like it is explained before, an agent needs so much information only at a single time. So there is no need to flood him with everything at once.

Hence, customize the VF pages by making separate tabs for each piece of information. Because of this, requests sent to the server were regulated, which assisted in creating the pages nimble. This not just helped in enhancing the speed, but also in organizing info and improving the UX of the pages.

Apex Refactoring

To further boost Salesforce performance, and decrease the execution time, you have to take the following steps:

Decrease The Number Of Repetitions Through Apex Refactoring

With the help of Apex Refactoring, you can alter the internal structure of the code, which ends the looping while protecting the external behavior. This procedure helps decrease the execution time.

Use Trigger Framework

Further, if there are multiple triggers associated with a single object, it will hamper the performance of the page. Hence, it is suggested to utilize the one object-one trigger formula here. This will combine with the Salesforce performance. Your customers will observe huge progress in the performance of the Lightning Component following the implementation of these important techniques.

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Boost Business Productivity Using Salesforce Development

Manage Data And Prioritize Your Resources

To enhance the Salesforce performance, the development team should implement the Salesforce development lifecycle sensibly. If the data is huge, then you will experience a delay in the response from Salesforce. To handle this problem, you need to ensure the Salesforce development framework provides data in packs. 

In addition to that, you have to allow page navigation to assist in gliding through the data. This problem can also be resolved by offering data asynchronously. Another best way to enhance the Salesforce performance is by caching large objects that hardly change on the network. Implementing a great data archiving approach will effortlessly eliminate the data load on your Org and manage to perform well.

These days, employees connect several devices to wireless networks of the company, which result in important applications such as Salesforce, deprived of resources. Ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth capacity, which can be carried out by evaluating employee traffic and then prioritizing important applications for in-office use or setting up an independent network for the personal devices of the employees.


Nowadays, Salesforce development is one of the most dominant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in the market that offers a set of features, which enhance admin efficiency, expand summary views for quicker consumption, and deliver more clear data visualizations. But, a slow-performing system is one of the biggest frustrations for Salesforce developers in addition to a major drain on business resources.  

If you are planning and need help getting started with Salesforce implementation and customization, then you can get in touch with the top Salesforce development company – Explorate Global which is a well-known Salesforce Consulting Partner providing Salesforce services that consist of implementation, integration, migration, improvement, and development.

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