How to Solve My Ping So High All of Sudden Issue

Having issues with high ping while using other applications and playing games? Find out everything you need to know about why my ping is so high and the best remedies.

Everyone enjoys playing video games. A steady internet connection is more crucial for multiplayer online gaming with your friends. High ping can cause issues with game lag. If you wonder why my ping is so high, network latency issues may be the cause. Online games that have a high ping experience lag, freezing, going off the screen, and other issues.

In this article, we’ll outline some ways to reduce ping in online games so you can play them without any issues. However, let’s first address certain ping-related queries before moving on.

What is Ping

Ping is the network latency of your internet connection. Ping is the time taken by the computer to send a signal to the internet server and receive it back. If explained from a game’s perspective, it is time any online game is installed on your computer to send a signal to the respective gaming server and receive the revert. Ping is not limited to networks only; the latency of any kind of signal is called ping.

What do the Terms “low ping” and “high ping” Mean

For any kind of network connection, it is normal to have 100ms of network speed and lower. The term low-ping means that the internet connection has a latency ranging between 50ms to 100ms. This is the most desirable range of latency for any kind of network. If this latency goes above 150ms, it is called a high-ping. High-ping makes it very hard to play online games and run other applications without lagging, freezing, or showing other problems.

For games with a greater attention span, like shooting games, racing games, or other games requiring constant transferring of data, ping matters the most. Every gamer prefers a low ping for such games for smoother gameplay and precise execution.

Why is my Ping so High

There can be more than just one reason behind a high-ping. A lot of factors affect the latency of any network connection. These are the main reasons behind ‘why is my ping so high’:

  • It can be because the quality of the internet connection provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is lower as compared to others.
  • The bandwidth of your internet connection is slower than that required to play online games smoothly.
  • Your internet connection may have a slower internet speed than that required to run the game perfectly.
  • The firewall or antivirus program installed on your system is forcing your internet connection to take more time to send and receive the signals.
  • Sometimes, the gamers choose a distant gaming server instead of a local one; this also results in high-ping and, in turn, forces the game to lag or freeze.
  • The distance between your router and your system is more than required.
  • The simultaneous running of a lot of hardware devices is heating the system.
  • A lot of devices connected to one router connect to your system.
  • Other applications or websites are running in the background, taking up the internet.
  • Your router is outdated and needs upgrading.

These are the main reasons that can easily result in a high ping on a speed test. Apart from these, there are some other reasons, like improper connection, unnecessary downloading, etc., that result in high ping while gaming. Now, we are going to explain the right, smart, and quick ways to fix the high-ping problems on your system.

10 Best Ways to Fix Why is My Ping So High

Below are some of the best ways to fix why my ping is so high problems on your computer. Execute these solutions one by one until your ping comes down to the desired levels:

1. Prefer Ethernet Cable Over WiFi to Improve the Internet Speed

It is a proven fact that an ethernet connection is faster than WiFi. WiFI has a higher ping as compared to that of ethernet. We prefer that all the gamers prefer and use the ethernet cable. If you have an active Wifi connection, you can use the same router through an ethernet cable. Just purchase an ethernet cable that can cover the distance between the router and the computer. Plug the cable into the router and connect it to the LAN plug on the backside of your computer. You can use the ethernet network card if your computer does not have an ethernet cable port.

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2. Close Background Programs and Other Websites Running in the Browser

When unnecessary websites or programs are running in the background, they consume the internet. Close all these extra background apps and websites to provide more internet speed to the game. You can close the unnecessary background apps with the help of these methods:

  1. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys on the keyboard to launch the Task Manager
  2. Click on the Processes tab in the Task Manager window
  3. Select the unnecessary programs and click on the End Process button to close them.
  4. Close all unnecessary applications and improve the internet speed.

close all background apps

With the help of this method, you can close all the unnecessary applications, properly use the computer’s bandwidth, and improve the ping speed in online games.

3. Reduce the Distance Between the System and Router

The distance between the router and the computer matters a lot with the ping speed. If your ping is suddenly high, we suggest you reduce the distance between the router and the computer by bringing the router closer. Also, check if there is any obstruction near the router antenna. If there is, remove it to improve the speed of the internet. Low internet speed means higher ping. Check your router’s position and location to improve the internet’s speed.

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4. Restart your Internet Connection Router

Sometimes, the router starts showing problems in providing a stable internet connection. You should check the internet speed tab on the side of the router and restart it if the signal is low. Starting the router refreshes the router connection and improves the speed of ping.

5. Check the Antivirus or Firewall

Sometimes, the firewall or antivirus application installed on the computer causes high-ping problems for you. These applications block internet access to online games, creating problems. You should check if such applications have blacklisted the online games and undo them if so. If your firewall keeps blocking the game, you can disable the product’s protection for some time by visiting the app’s settings.

6. Check the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Your ping may be high as your internet service provider is not transferring proper internet speed to your router. You can check the speed of your internet connection with the help of different connection testers available online. You can use internet speed testers, have a look at the internet speed, and contact the internet service provider if the speed is slow.

7. Use A VPN to Play Online Games

If you like to use a distant server to play online games, you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to international gaming servers at distant locations. Sometimes, different game servers also use VPN software to connect to a different server. If you get an effective solution for why my ping is so high, we recommend that you get VPN software for your computer and play games effortlessly.

8. Change the Graphics Settings

Sometimes, you may increase the game’s graphic settings to higher levels. Your internet connection may not be able to cater to these settings. In such cases, you may wonder why my ping is so high. So to reduce the ping to the desired levels, you should change the graphics of the game and bring it to an optimal level that can provide the best gaming experience as well as create a low ping.

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9. Change Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you are facing high-ping problems regularly, even after employing all the solutions listed in the article, you should change your existing ISP and upgrade to a better one. Changing the ISP will improve your internet connection’s bandwidth as well as provide a better gaming experience.

10. Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

Enable Game Mode on Windows 10 to give your game the highest priority. When enabled, it prevents the installation of drivers during Windows updates and aids in maintaining a more steady frame rate to reduce lag.

To enable Game Mode on Windows 10:

  • To open Settings, press Windows + I key.
  • Select “Gaming” from the menu.
  • Open the Game Mode option by selecting it in the left pane.
  • Toggle Game Mode to On by flicking the switch.

Fixed: Why is My Ping So High Issue

Some of the best and most efficient solutions to the issue of why my ping is so high were discussed above. The ping can be raised to the required level with the help of these methods in a matter of minutes. Utilize these methods and carry them out one at a time till the high-ping issue is resolved. When playing online games with your family and friends, you won’t experience any issues with high ping anymore. Read the article and enjoy hassle-free multiplayer online gaming.

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