11 Reasons Why ASP.NET Development Preferred By Large Enterprises

If you are looking to gain new visitors to your website, keep them engaged and transform customers into sales then creating high-quality content with a responsive website is crucial for being successful in this digital world. With numerous web development organizations available in the market, it could be quite confusing to choose the correct platform in web development. ASP.NET development is one such platform that is the most ideal choice of developers in the market. Why is it so?

It’s because the ASP.NET framework provides a rich application development environment in developing great websites of any size. Today, over 25% of the web applications are developed in ASP.NET. 

Big organizations have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to rationalizing organizational processes and exploring growth prospects. Whether it’s something as upfront as refining administrative functions or something as huge as implementing mobility management, enterprises need to keep progressing always. They need the support of quality ASP.NET web applications built to their custom requirements to stay competitive in this evolving world. Choosing the right technology to develop these web applications upon is quite an important decision for businesses to make. ASP.NET development using the ASP.NET framework is considered to be one of the finest options for web development for enterprises.

11 Advantages Of Choosing Asp.net Development For Large Enterprises

11 Benefits of Of Asp.net Development for large busi11 Benefits of Of Asp.net Development for large business enterprisesness enterprises
11 Benefits of Of dot net Development for large business enterprises

An open-source and server-side framework, ASP.NET by Microsoft is a framework that simplifies the development of high-quality and responsive web applications, websites, and web services. There are many benefits associated with using the ASP.NET framework for web development for a large enterprise. Let’s take a look at some of these important benefits below:

  • Perfect Framework for Big Applications

Being large in size and complex in workflows, businesses usually need advanced web applications to look out for their requirements. Advanced applications are extensive in their range of functionalities and hence need complex coding. Such applications are perfectly built with the help of ASP.NET development. The ASP.NET framework allows building big applications with less amount of code. By decreasing the coding effort, ASP.NET development allows simple and quality development for big and complex applications. Less coding effort also means that large-scale enterprise applications will be faster to develop.

  • Ensures High Performance for Applications

The applications built for large enterprises must be delivered reliably when it comes to high performance. And performance is a part where ASP.NET development proves its incredible value. The ASP.NET framework is equipped with exciting features like timely binding, caching services, just-in-time compilation, and native optimization that help in performance improvement. Since applications for large enterprises are accountable for managing plenty of important things, the exclusive performance enabled by ASP.NET development can be quite beneficial. Also being a server-side technology, ASP.NET permits the development of applications that execute faster as compared to interpreted scripts. This is so because the application code runs on the server side before being available to the browser side.

  • Improved Process of Deployment

The faster an application can be deployed, the quicker it can begin doing the task that it was designed to do. Enterprises mobility solutions need their applications to be deployed as quickly as possible and that too in a stress-free way. ASP.NET development provides a highly streamlined process of deployment. The configuration information is already created in the system. Registering components is no longer a need. Easy application deployment would mean saving valuable time for the large enterprise.

  • Support for Many Languages

Since it is a language-independent framework, It offers dot net developers the freedom to work with any programming language they like. The ASP.NET framework provides support for various .NET languages like J#, C#, VB, and more. This freedom of choosing a language is helpful not just for developers, but also for organizations. Depending on what the application requires, one programming language may be superior to the other for use in application development. Since ASP.NET development supports so many languages, developers and enterprises have great flexibility in determining what’s good for their application requirements.

  • Web Sockets

Utilizing ASP.NET web sockets developers can develop web-based/server-based, client-server applications. In addition to these features, developers can love features like:

    • Action Filters
    • Globalization and Localization
    • Security
    • Recognition of HTML5 Form Types
    • NET Web API
  • Easy Maintenance of Web Pages in Applications

Large enterprises generally have a lot on their plate. They would have a preference for possessing web applications that don’t require awkward maintenance practices. Web pages built using the ASP.NET framework are quite simple to maintain because the source code and HTML remain organized here. From writing the web pages to managing them, everything’s a breeze with the ASP.NET development.

  • Cost to business

Every business looks for an investment that can deliver better returns. It is known as Return on Investment or ROI. When it comes to ASP.NET development, your investments are going to be cost-effective. ASP.NET offers developers plenty of development options that can fit their budgets and expertise. 

  • Feature-rich web solutions

Needless to say, ASP.NET provides several features to suit different development needs. It is an object-oriented framework that offers flexibility to the developer. It permits developers to develop web apps using coding languages like Visual Basic, C#, COBOL, C, etc.

  • Security is Highly Assured

Application security is of the highest importance, no compromises are acceptable here. In the case of large enterprises, where there is a huge dependency on applications, defending the data and processes involved in these applications becomes very significant. The guarantee of security that comes with the ASP.NET framework is hence much valued. As long as this security assurance in the framework is the features like Windows authentication which is in-built, per-application configuration, etc.

  • Reliable Application and Process Monitoring

ASP.NET framework comes with mechanisms for monitoring applications and processes reliably so that everything keeps on working as estimated. The runtime of ASP.NET development is responsible for noticing and managing the processes. This continuous monitoring of processes by ASP.NET run time makes sure that any dead process is replaced by a new procedure. That way the ASP.NET web application always remains on the verge of managing the flow of requests. Additionally, applications, components, and web pages running on the Web server are also regularly being monitored by the server. If at any point, the server identifies problems like infinite loops or memory leaks, it will shut down these problems and start again.

  • Backed by the Superb Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio IDE can be utilized for developing applications on the ASP.NET framework. This means several wonderful features that are provided by this IDE are accessible for leveraging during the development process. Using these features, developers get to build the ASP.NET applications effectively. When a framework that’s as durable as ASP.NET obtains the backing of a development environment that’s as brilliant as Visual Studio, it becomes even more viable to develop outstanding applications that surpass all expectations.


These benefits make it easier to understand why ASP.NET development is the perfect for developing web applications, especially for enterprises that are looking for leading-edge web applications. ASP.NET is among the top app development technologies and highly equipped to meet enterprise application needs. Enterprises can simply accomplish organizational goals and solve business challenges with the applications developed using this framework. 

No matter how small or big an enterprise is, the ASP.NET framework proves to be the correct choice. If you’re an enterprise doubting what framework to choose for your web development project, you can place your trust in ASP.NET. Make sure to offshore ASP.NET developers to a leading and renowned ASP.NET development company like Explorate Global with good expertise in Dot Net development and Microsoft app development to get the best results for your project.

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