Top 5 Java to Kotlin Converter Online in 2023

There are many Java to Kotlin and Kotlin to Java online converters. This article shares the best ones for our readers.

Kotlin and Java are two popular programming languages. Kotlin is an open-source language that runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It lets you combine functional programming and Object Oriented Programming to create a self-sufficient, unrestrained, and distinctive platform.

Whereas, Java is a network-centric and object-oriented programming language available for multiple platforms. However, a significant chunk of programmers prefer Kotlin over Java as the former fills the gaps in the latter.

For example, Kotlin allows you to create extension functions, something Java does not allow. Such shortcomings of Java which are strengths of Kotlin trigger many developers to convert Java to Kotlin.

Are you also a programmer looking for an online converter to convert Kotlin to Java? If yes, you have arrived at the correct article.

This write-up introduces you to the best Java to Kotlin converters, along with some online tools to convert Kotlin code to Java if you wish to do so. Let us get started with them without any ado.

Best Online Tools to Convert Kotlin to Java and Vice Versa

The following are some of the top online converters for converting Kotlin to Java or Java to Kotlin depending on your requirements.

1. JavaInUse

Let us first introduce you to JavaInUse. It is among the most popular online Java to Kotlin converter tools. What we liked the most about this tool is its friendly interface. No matter whether you are an expert coder or a beginner, you can use this tool hassle-freely.

All you need to do is, put your Java code in the editable input section and click on the “Submit” button to get the result in Kotlin. Moreover, it also doubles up as an online Kotlin to Java converter.

The following is the link to try this one of the best online converters for changing Java to Kotlin or vice versa.


Try JavaInUse

2. Android Studio

Next, we have Android Studio as one of the best Java to Kotlin converters. Most programmers prefer Android Studio as it is extremely easy to use.

With Android Studio, you can convert Java to Kotlin in three simple steps. Firstly, you need to open the file of the source code which is to be converted. Secondly, you are required to select the Android Project and right-click the source code file. Lastly, you should click on the option to convert Java File to Kotlin File.

Moreover, there is also an option to convert Kotlin to Java in Android Studio. Simply, open the Kotlin class or file, follow the path Tools>Kotlin>Show Kotlin Bytecode, choose JVM 8 target, and Decompile bytecode to change the code from Kotlin to Java.

Use android studio to convert java to kotlin

Try Android Studio

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3. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is yet another intelligent program to convert Java to Kotlin and the other way around. If you have IntelliJ IDEA at your disposal, you can make the conversion in two easy steps.

Firstly, open your project on IntelliJ IDEA, right-click the Java file, and choose the option that lets you convert Java file to Kotlin file. Lastly, click on Yes to convert the code from Java to Kotlin.

In case you want to convert Kotlin to Java online, IntelliJ IDEA functions as an excellent Kotlin to Java converter. You can make the necessary conversion by launching the Kotlin project, following the path Tools>Kotlin>Show Kotlin Bytecode, and selecting the Decompile option.

Use IntelliJ IDEA

Try IntelliJ IDEA

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4. ExtendsClass

ExtendsClass can be a good choice if you are looking for a free online Java to Kotlin converter. This tool’s simplicity caught our attention at first glance.

You can convert your Java code to Kotlin online in three quick steps. You can simply input or drag and drop/copy and paste your code in the editor, select “convert” to compile your source code, and then “Download File” or “Copy to clipboard” your converted code.

Additionally, ExtendsClass also functions as an online Kotlin to Java converter. The steps to convert the code from Kotlin to Java remain the same as described above.


Try ExtendsClass

5. Kotlin Playground

Here comes Kotlin Playground, a fascinating online Kotlin to Java and Java to Kotlin converter. The best thing about this tool is that you do not need to be an expert to use it. Even novice programmers and developers can use Kotlin Playground to convert their codes from one coding language to another. Simply, try the tool from the following link to make code conversions.

Kotlin Playground

Try Kotlin Playground

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Summing Up

In this article, we looked at the top Java to Kotlin converters and the tools to convert Kotlin codes to Java. You can choose any tool from the above list according to your requirements.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this article, please get in touch with us through the comments section. We will be pleased to hear from you and answer all your questions.

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