Estimated Cost of React Native App Development {2022 Update}

Technology has become one of the most crucial components for all businesses nowadays. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, technology is the key factor responsible for driving it. Facebook created React Native to reduce the cost of developing mobile apps. As a result, React Native has become the top choice of about 42% of the mobile app developers globally. 

React Native app development allows developers to build apps compatible with iOS, Android, and other operating systems. React Native has shined as the best framework for building mobile apps, with features like Native-like functionality, single code reusability, and access to different frameworks in the market. But the question arises here is how much does React Native app development cost?

React Native is recognized for its flexibility in mobile app development and its cross-platform compatibility structures. Moreover, it is integrated with the JS library, which functions as a fundamental building block for the application user interface. Hence, whether you are a React Native app developer or a web developer, both can smoothly enhance this library and tailor the feel and appearance of the app that offers a Native-kind user experience.

Another incredible thing about using React Native app development is that a mobile app development company can utilize it directly for building an up-front, effective, and fast app for various operating systems by using one JS codebase. Additionally, being a JS framework, it allows React Native app developers to build native and real built-in apps for iOS and Android.

Most companies choose to develop React Native apps because of their cross-platform and open-source functionalities. So let’s take a look at other reasons why entrepreneurs and developers choose React Native app development:

9 reasons why React Native app development is preferred by Entrepreneurs and Developers

9 reasons why entrepreneurs and developers prefer React Native development for building mobile applications
Why choose React Native app development?

Reduced Expedition Time

React Native app developers can build apps for different platforms with a single code base. Hence, it reduces the shipping time, making it a reasonable option.

Cross-Platform and Code Sharing

As React Native possesses cross-platform development, businesses don’t need to spend on extra resources. Instead, mobile app developers just need specific skills to build apps for various platforms with React Native.

Simple User Interface

Business owners appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of the React Native framework. And they want to offer the same to their users. React Native apps are responsive, smooth, and load fast.

Lesser Manpower and Resources

Unlike other similar native apps, React Native requires less manpower and resources. For example, a QA professional, two React Native app developers, one innovative designer, and a project manager can complete a project. Nevertheless, if you want to build a native application, you need to increase the human resources.

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Community Support

The development community can access React Native documents for free, as React Native is an open-source framework. Therefore, global community support is the most significant advantage.

Integrated Elements and Reusable Codes

You can save cost and time to develop an app by sharing up to 90% of React Native codes between iOS and Android apps.

Hot Reload

React Native app development allows developers to save a significant amount of time in building a project. They can make instant modifications in the coding and promptly reflect it without downloading the file.

JavaScript as a Programming Language

React Native app developers need to utilize JavaScript development, one of the fastest developing and widely used programming languages to build mobile applications

Easy to Implement Updates

A mobile app developer can update a React Native app without downloading, which also saves time. So here are some unique features and benefits that make React Native promising for any mobile app development project.

Avoid these React Native Development Mistakes for steady and faster development process.

Now that you know the benefits of the React Native app development framework, you might want to see the cost of developing the React Native app. Hence, you need to know the fundamental factors to decide the cost of developing a React Native app.

9 Factors That Determine React Native App Development Cost

If you are a startup or large business looking for affordable app development, React Native is one of the ideal options available. However, the React Native app development cost is not very certain as there are many factors involved. The cost to Develop React Native App depends mainly on the complexity of the application and the requirements of the business.

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However, the main question remains: “How much does it cost to develop a React Native Application?” So, let’s look at the factors that determine the React Native app development cost without further ado!

App’s UI/UX Design

How an app appears and acts for users can make a huge difference in its cost and accomplishment. For example, a mobile app’s design involves both UI and UX, which keeps users engaged with the application for a more extended period. Likewise, a mobile application that ensures smooth conversion from one screen to another will provide a great user experience and adequate user flow.

Screen designs and user experience are directly associated with the React Native app-building costs. Therefore, React Native provides different UI components that allow React Native app developers to design user-friendly and visually attractive apps without writing the codes from scratch.

User Authorization

It will cost you less if you build a React Native application with no login or authorization. Still, in case you want to add user authorization features, the React Native app development cost would be somewhat over the apps that do not require any role-based authorization procedure.

App Complexity and Functionality

App Complexity and Functionality are an important factor in deciding the cost to develop React Native mobile apps
App Complexity and Functionality

If you evaluate the budget and time for the React Native development project, remember that time and React Native app development cost highly depend on your app’s complexity and functionality. The list of features, their complexity, and their functionality can increase the cost of application development.

A simple application with MVP is economical and can be finalized within a lesser time, while a complex one with innovative features can cost you more and take more time. This is why apps are categorized into three categories: high, medium, and low complexity. 

Additionally, the app complexity depends on the following factors integrating:

    • In-App Purchase: If you offer more in-app purchases, the greater will be the app complexity.
    • Deployment Architecture Model: Mobile app development companies have two options – BaaS and Custom in terms of backend development. Clients receive their mobile app structural design in the custom option, while BaaS needs to execute with readymade backend architecture.
    • Admin Panel Development: If you choose a more feature-rich admin panel, the app complexity will logically enhance and affect the React Native app development cost.
    • Third-Party Integration: To develop a comprehensible app, you must incorporate third-party plugins that permit your app to interact with the functionality of other applications. Third-party plugins’ integration in React Native app development is more complex than the Native app development process.
    • Legacy Integration: An app’s legacy integration depends on the kind of app you need to develop. Determine whether you want to integrate it with an enterprise system or independent work with no integration. By default, the app type falls under medium to high complexity levels.

App Development Team

You may find Mobile app development companies with diverse experiences out there. Hiring a proficient React Native App Development Company to work on your project is essential to invest a good amount of money. The React Native app development cost will be less if you work with a medium or less-experienced company.

So, the experience will be a significant cost-driving element here. Furthermore, if you are confused in choosing Mobile app development companies and freelancers, a thumb rule would be to consider hiring a company if you want to finish the project within a committed time. This is because companies are professional and can manage complex projects within a specific timeline.

App Maintenance

Your React Native app development cost does not end after you launch the application. You will need to update it frequently to maintain users’ prospects. It will help you lengthen user engagement and retention levels. When it comes to maintenance & support services, follow these three specific procedures:

    • Design changes
    • App updates
    • App bug fixes

App Add-ons

Even though the React Native app development framework allows you to create beautiful apps, you can add-ons or integrate the app with social platforms if you still want to build client-centric apps. Nevertheless, the tailored add-ons to an application can increase its cost, so ultimately, the add-on integration depends on your client’s requirements and preference.

App Distribution

While estimating the React Native app development cost, remember to calculate the app distribution cost. Submitting an app on Google Play Store and App Store take charges for the license cost of the mobile app developer. Furthermore, you might need authorization from the host about mobile app security policies.

App Category

App elements like functionality, real-time users and security considerations determine the app category. If there is more complexity, it will increase the React Native app development cost. For example, a standalone app like a calculator or timer will not cost you more than a food delivery or eCommerce app.


The complexity of the app grows if it relies on the hardware. For example, to build an IoT app with React Native app development framework, you need to invest more than making any other native app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Businesses Opt React Native App Development?

Businesses opt for React Native app development for many reasons like Low development cost, Native- look and feel, Streamlined UI, Reusable codes, Larger community support, etc.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a React Native App?

React Native app development cost depends on many factors such as App category, Design complexity, features, Location of the React Native App Development Company, Maintenance, etc.

Is React Native A Good Choice For App Development?

Yes, React Native is an excellent choice for app development as React apps are faster to develop, and it provides better quality than hybrid apps. 


React Native ensures everything from rapid mobile app development to robust maintenance to effortless platform migration and community support migration. It also ensures that the React Native app development cost and time are reduced. 

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  1. Most important factors we believe are the complexity and depth of the application because that determines how long will it take to deliver and how many hours will be required.

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